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  • Behind the Scenes: LINUX Unplugged | Jupiter Extras 64

    We share what goes into making LINUX Unplugged special, and have a laugh at some of our bad ideas from show past.

  • OpenType, Harfbuzz, Qt : Not exactly a love story

    As far as ideas go there are a couple of approaches one is to follow the way Scribus does, which offloads the rendering to something like cairo which could handle this in a much better way. That would also require us to develop a couple of intermediate data structures that could hold the info, but that is not the biggest challenge. The problem here is the text editor dialog cause then you got relay what is being displayed on the canvas to the text editor dialog. And there you have to draw the cursor. Unfortunately drawing the cursor will be the biggest challenge here.

    The other way is to write a new Text Engine and hook it up into Qt's API, which is to follow the following interface of QTextLayout if I going the right way. That way we won't have to worry about the text editor widget stuff. But I haven't explored this route that much and probably unaware of the challenges.

    As a basis for both, I do have a basic proof of concept ready, which could be taken for a ride from here. It uses libraqm which a thin wrapper over HarfBuzz, FriBidi and FreeType.


  • Ask Lunduke - Mar 16, 2020 - GPL'd code in a book?



    Ask Lunduke is a weekly podcast where the community can ask any question they like… and I (attempt to) answer them. This episode of Ask Lunduke is available two ways: At Patreon to all Patrons of The Lunduke Journal. At LBRY, for a small cost in LBC. Topics on Ask Lunduke this week: If you had to give up all of my computing devices… which would you miss the most?


  • Cybersecurity Firm Hired By Voatz To Audit Its System Finds Voatz Is Full Of Vulnerabilities

    Mobile voting app Voatz is still a mess. Two years ago, West Virginia decided to give the app a spin to allow some voters to vote from home during the midterm elections. Nobody in the security world thought this was a good idea. The only people who did feel this was a safe, secure way to collect votes were state legislators and Voatz itself. Some early poking and prodding by security researchers immediately found problems with Voatz's handling of votes, including out-of-date SSH and unproven facial recognition tech that was supposed to verify voters by matching their selfies to their government IDs.


  • TSA Admits Liquid Ban Is Security Theater



    Interesting context:


    The TSA can declare this rule change because the limit was always arbitrary, just one of the countless rituals of security theater to which air passengers are subjected every day. Flights are no more dangerous today, with the hand sanitizer, than yesterday, and if the TSA allowed you to bring 12 ounces of shampoo on a flight tomorrow, flights would be no more dangerous then. The limit was bullshit. The ease with which the TSA can toss it aside makes that clear.

  • In These Uncertain Times, We Are Here to Help

    As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, SUSE is committed to your success no matter the circumstances.

    During this time, we have established a Business Continuity Committee and have in place the right infrastructure and processes to stay up and running for you. Our Global Services teams are on standby to assist you, as always, via chat, email or phone. We are transforming our flagship event, SUSECON 2020, to a purely virtual one – so you can still access keynote content and digital resources.

More in Tux Machines

LibreOffice 6.4.3 Release Candidate Version 1 Released Today!

LibreOffice 6.4.3 RC1 Released: LibreOffice is one of the best open-source text editors. LibreOffice comes as default application release of Linux OS. LibreOffice is developed by Team Document Foundation. Today they announced that the LibreOffice 6.4.3 RC1 version has been released. As per their calendar, LibreOffice 6.4.3 RC1 has been released exactly on today!. This RC1 version has many bugs fixes and tweaks in essential features. Read more

Unifont 13.0.01 Released

Unifont 13.0.01 is now available. This is a major release. Significant changes in this version include the addition of these new scripts in Unicode 13.0.0: U+10E80..U+10EBF: Yezidi, by Johnnie Weaver U+10FB0..U+10FDF: Chorasmian, by Johnnie Weaver U+11900..U+1195F: Dives Akuru, by David Corbett U+18B00..U+18CFF: Khitan Small Script, by Johnnie Weaver U+1FB00..U+1FBFF: Symbols for Legacy Computing, by Rebecca Bettencourt Read more

Programming: micro.sth, RProtoBuf, Perl and Python

  • Introducing micro.sth

    Many developers turn their noses up at PHP, but I have a soft spot for it. For me, it's the most approachable programming language by far. It feels intuitive in a way no other languages do, and it makes it possible to cobble together a working application with just a handful of lines of code. So whenever I can't find a tool for a specific job, I try to build one myself. The latest project of mine is a case in point. I was looking for a simple application for keeping a photographic diary, and I was sure that I'd be able to find an open-source tool for that. I searched high and low, but I came back empty-handed. Sure, there are plenty of static website generators, but I'd prefer something that doesn't require me to perform the write-generate-upload dance every time I want to post a quick update. And I need something that I can use not only to maintain a simple diary, but also store notes, manage tasks, and draft articles -- all this without getting bogged down by configuring templates, defining categories, and tweaking settings. And because I want most of my content to be private, I should be able to protect access to it with a password.

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel: RProtoBuf 0.4.17: Robustified

    A new release 0.4.17 of RProtoBuf is now on CRAN. RProtoBuf provides R with bindings for the Google Protocol Buffers (“ProtoBuf”) data encoding and serialization library used and released by Google, and deployed very widely in numerous projects as a language and operating-system agnostic protocol. This release contains small polishes related to the release 0.4.16 which added JSON support for messages, and switched to ByteSizeLong. This release now makes sure JSON functionality is only tested where available (on version 3 of the Protocol Buffers library), and that ByteSizeLong is only called where available (version 3.6.0 or later). Of course, older versions build as before and remain fully supported.

  • Perl Weekly Challenge 53: Rotate Matrix and Vowel Strings

    These are some answers to the Week 53 of the Perl Weekly Challenge organized by Mohammad S. Anwar.

  • Weekly Python StackOverflow Report: (ccxxi) stackoverflow python report
  • Python: Is And ==

    In Python, == compares the value of two variables and returns True as long as the values are equal.

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