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Fedora 32 Beta Released

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  • Fedora 32 Beta now available

    Today, the Fedora Project, a global community that works to help advance free and open source software, is pleased to announce the beta availability of Fedora 32, the latest version of the Fedora operating system. Fedora 32 Beta is delivered in editions, each designed to address specific use cases for modern developers and IT teams. Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server provide open operating systems built to meet the needs of forward-looking developers and server projects. Fedora 32 Beta also sees the continued evolution of emerging Fedora editions, including Fedora CoreOS, Fedora IoT and Fedora Silverblue.

    Enhancements to Fedora 32 Beta’s base packages include Python 3.8, GCC 10, Ruby 2.7, Golang 1.14, Mono 6.6. Additionally, as with all Fedora beta releases, the common foundation of all Fedora editions has been updated with minor bug fixes and package tweaks.

  • Announcing the release of Fedora 32 Beta

    New in Fedora 32 Workstation Beta is EarlyOOM enabled by default. EarlyOOM enables users to more quickly recover and regain control over their system in low-memory situations with heavy swap usage. Fedora 32 Workstation Beta also enables the fs.trim timer by default, which improves performance and wear leveling for solid state drives.

    Fedora 32 Workstation Beta includes GNOME 3.36, the newest release of the GNOME desktop environment. It is full of performance enhancements and improvements. GNOME 3.36 adds a Do Not Disturb button in the notifications, improved setup for parental controls and virtualization, and tweaks to Settings. For a full list of GNOME 3.36 highlights, see the release notes.

  • Fedora 32 Beta Released With EarlyOOM By Default, GNOME 3.36 Desktop

    The beta of the highly anticipated Fedora 32 Linux distribution update is now available.

    Fedora 32 ships with EarlyOOM enabled by default for improving the low-memory behavior of Fedora Workstation, GNOME 3.36 powers the default desktop environment, and there are a wealth of package updates like the near-final GCC 10 code compiler, Glibc 2.31, and more. Some of the other Fedora 32 changes include (finally) enabling TRIM by default for SSDs, Python 3.8, firewalld defaults to using nftables, changing around of the release criteria on Fedora Arm, MariaDB 10.4, and other bleeding-edge software packages.

  • Fedora 32 Beta Released with GNOME 3.36, Linux Kernel 5.6

    Fedora 32 Beta is here right on time, allowing the community behind this popular and powerful Red Hat-sponsored GNU/Linux distribution to get an early taste of the new features and enhancements coming to the final release later this spring.

    There are lots of changes and recent GNU/Linux technologies included in this release, starting with the recently released GNOME 3.36 desktop environment, which is present by default in the Fedora 32 Workstation edition (a.k.a. the main Fedora Linux edition).

    Fedora 32 Workstation also ships with the EarlyOOM feature enabled by default to help users recover from low-memory situations more quickly and the fs.trim timer, which promises to improve the performance of your SSD.

Fedora 32 release date, new features, and more

  • Fedora 32 release date, new features, and more

    If the remaining schedule goes as planned, the final production version of Fedora 32 is scheduled for release on April 21, 2020. Should issues arise or more bugs are found during the Fedora 32 beta phase, the release date will be pushed back to April 28, 2020.

Fedora 32 Beta Linux-based operating system now available

  • Fedora 32 Beta Linux-based operating system now available with GNOME 3.36

    Fedora is one of the best Linux distributions on the planet, but it doesn't always get its due. It isn't flashy or new, instead hanging its hat (pun intended) on being stable and reliable. That is why many Linux users try other distributions, only to find themselves back at home with Fedora. Fans of the GNOME in particular flock to Fedora, as the operating system is one of the best ways to experience that desktop environment.

    Today, Fedora 32 Beta becomes available for testing, and it is very exciting. It comes with GNOME 3.36 -- the lastest and greatest version of the desktop environment, You can read more about GNOME 3.36 here. If you aren't a fan of GNOME, that is OK -- you can instead opt for KDE Plasma, Cinnamon, MATE, and more. There is even a special ARM variant of Fedora 32 that will work with Raspberry Pi devices.

Fedora 32 Release Date, New Features and Everything Else

  • Fedora 32 Release Date, New Features and Everything Else

    Fedora 32 should be releasing at the end of April, around the same time as the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release.

    Since we are covering the Ubuntu 20.04 release in detail, we thought of doing the same for our Fedora fans here.

    In this article, I am going to highlight the new features coming to Fedora 32. I’ll update this article as the development progresses further.

Fedora 32 Beta Run Through

Fedora 32 Beta Is Out: Upgrade Your Fedora Linux With GNOME

  • Fedora 32 Beta Is Out: Upgrade Your Fedora Linux With GNOME Desktop

    Red Hat-sponsored community project, Fedora, has announced the beta version of the upcoming Fedora 32. This release includes various minor bug fixes and package updates along with the latest GNOME 3.36 desktop.

    According to the blog post, Fedora 32 Beta will also introduce a new image in its Fedora Lab initiative for computational neuroscientists. Currently, Fedora Labs already contains six dedicated images named Astronomer, Designer, Gamer, Musician, Developer, and Security tester.

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