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Games: Half-Life: Alyx, Steam and OBS Studio 25.0

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  • Half-Life: Alyx support for Linux aiming to arrive with Vulkan support post-release

    Today, Valve replied to our message asking about the situation with Half-Life: Alyx and Linux support and we got our answer.

  • Steam Game Festival live with demos and the Interactive Recommender is up for all

    Two bits of Steam store news today: firstly there's a Steam Game Festival "Spring Edition" going on to highlight some good looking games, a few of which will come to Linux and there's some demos.

    Similar in style to how they did it during The Game Awards, you just go to the special linked page above and see what's been picked.

  • How to Stream Steam Games with Raspberry Pi 4 and Steam Link

    Want to enjoy the latest Steam games on the biggest screen in your house? Valve may have discontinued their physical Steam Link product, but you can still use the software that powered this now-defunct set-top box. Here we will show you how to stream Steam games with Raspberry Pi 4 and Steam Link.


    In this article we will go through the steps to set up Stream Link on your Raspberry Pi 4 and then use it to stream your favorite game onto any compatible screen – whether that’s the spare monitor that you haven’t used for years or your brand-new ultra HD TV.

  • OBS Studio 25.0 Released with Vulkan-based Games Capture Support + More

    OBS (which stands for ‘Open Broadcaster Software’) is a popular open source streaming and recording program for Windows, macOS and Linux and is built in Qt.

    Many popular YouTubers and streamers make use of the software for recording, live streaming, and sharing gameplay. The app even has a bunch of built-in presets that tailor footage for popular social networks and online services.

    OBS Studio 25.0 is the latest stable release — but what’s new?

    Well, aside from the aforementioned ability to directly capture Vulkan-based game playback — a big feature for many, though alas limited to Windows — the app also adds the following new features and improvements...

  • OBS Studio 25.0 Released! How to Install it via PPA in ubuntu

More in Tux Machines

ExTiX LXQt Mini with LXQt 0.14.1, Refracta Snapshot and kernel 5.6.2-exton :: Build 200402

I‘ve made a new “mini” version of ExTiX – The Ultimate Linux System. It is based on (upcoming) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa. The ISO file is now of 1050 MB, which is good if you want to run the system super fast from RAM. When the boot process is ready you can eject the DVD or USB stick. Use Boot alternative 2 or Advanced options… >> load to RAM. The best thing with ExTiX 20.4 is that while running the system live (from DVD/USB) or from hard drive you can use Refracta Snapshot (pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu 20.04 system. So easy that a ten year child can do it! ExTiX 20.4 uses the latest kernel – 5.6.2. Released by today. Study all pre-installed packages in ExTiX 20.4. Read more

Android Leftovers

Stable Kernels: 5.5.15, 5.4.30, 4.19.114, 4.14.175, 4.9.218, and 4.4.218

  • Linux 5.5.15
    I'm announcing the release of the 5.5.15 kernel. All users of the 5.5 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 5.5.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-5.5.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:

  • Linux 5.4.30
  • Linux 4.19.114
  • Linux 4.14.175
  • Linux 4.9.218
  • Linux 4.4.218

Android Leftovers