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Games: The Fertile Crescent, xow, Free Games, Artifact and Installation on GNU/Linux

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  • Free real-time strategy 'The Fertile Crescent' has a big update focused on overall quality

    The Fertile Crescent, a (currently) entirely free to play real-time strategy that's a little like a retro Age of Empires just had a big update focusing on the overall quality. A good one if you have some free time and enjoy RTS, as The Fertile Crescent is extremely promising and you can play against both the AI and others online.

    For starters, it's had a bit of an audio overhaul as they've switched to FMOD. Now they have access to better options to pull you in "like pitch and volume, as well as some additional in-engine audio effects" as well as "spatialisation and 3D sounds" to give it a better atmosphere but it's an early start on it. Their music system is also now a bit more random and they will eventually work it in to be more dynamic.

  • Xbox One controller wireless on Linux gets better with 'xow' release 0.4

    Xbox One wireless dongle and controller on Linux? Yes it's a thing, people use it and the xow project is making it better and easier than ever. With the release of xow 0.4 they have a new website instead of just GitHub.

    Actual updates to the driver includes some really nice quality of life improvements. The dongle LED turns off when all controllers are disconnected, there's deadzones for stick and triggers and shutdown actually turns the dongle and controllers off. A little tweak also made it in with pairing properly stopping after a controller is paired successfully. Sounds like with all these changes, that xow should now handle Xbox One controller wireless play on Linux rather nicely.

  • Get Tomb Raider and Drawful 2 to keep FREE, plus others to check out

    Even more developers have begun to offer their games up for FREE. We now have Tomb Raider and Drawful 2 joining in.

  • Valve's card game Artifact is still being worked on for a big revamp

    Artifact, the failed card game from Valve, released in November 2018 and within the space of only two months had lost almost the entire player-base. Valve don't appear to have given up, quite the opposite.

    In it "for the long haul" the Artifact team at Valve said in December 2018, then in March 2019 they said how they were going to "re-examine" the decisions they made when designing everything on it. Since then, pretty much silence in public. Well, until today that is.

    On Twitter, the official Artifact account said "Artifact: Under Construction" and linked to a post on the Steam page to thank people for their continued interest which had been "encouraging". Not only that, we can expect to see some changes "soon" (keeping in mind Valve Time here) as they're "starting tests on our systems and infrastructure" and we can expect to hear more about what's going on after Half-Life: Alyx launches (which should come to Linux later).

  • How to play Grand Theft Auto 4 on Linux

    Grand Theft Auto 4 is a game developed by Rockstar Games. It was released in 2009 to critical acclaim and centers around a Serbian immigrant by the name of Niko Bellic as he makes his way through organized crime.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 (or GTA 4 as it is referred to) works on Linux, though it takes some tinkering to get it run perfectly. If you love the Grand Theft Auto franchise and you’re a fan of GTA 4, you’ll love this guide. Follow along to learn all about how to get the game working on your Linux system!

    Note: Grand Theft Auto 4 is no longer purchasable in the Steam Store. If you want to get GTA 4 working on Linux via Steam, you must already own the game and have it in your library.

  • How to install minecraft on ArcoLinux

    You can install minecraft from the ArcoLinux repositories.

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