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Games: Hammer Dongers, One Step From Eden, Humble Award Winners Bundle and Songs of Syx

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  • Amusing free local multiplayer terrain-smashing game 'Hammer Dongers' has a new update

    Hammer Dongers is a pretty funny (and currently free) local multiplayer game that has up to four people run around with big hammers and try to land a hit. The problem is, when you miss the terrain falls away.

    It's quite tricky, even if you think you're usually good as fast-paced local multiplayer action the idea of the land beneath your feet just falling away makes it both amusing and challenging. You can use it to your advantage but so can you opponents.

    With a new update out they've added in a Land Mine item, which makes things quite hilarious. If someone steps on it, or something else sets it off you can say goodbye to a good chunk of the map making it even more perilous. There's also a bunch of new obstacles in the levels, some just for style and some hazardous.

  • One Step From Eden is a creative blending of fast-paced action and deck-building out now

    One Step From Eden developed by Thomas Moon Kang and publisher Humble Bundle is out today and it might just be my new favourite game of 2020. [...]

    Inspired by Megaman Battle Network, to fill a void the developer felt they could fill with their own creation. They've certainly done well with it. Eventually, I might get sick of every developer trying to add in some form of cards and deck-building…but certainly not today. One Step From Eden is madness, pure and simple. Step left, right, activate an ability to throw across the screen at the enemy and dash around the board again. It's brilliant. It's like some kind of hypnotic dance you're doing with your fingers.

  • Humble Bundle have a new bunch of games going in the Humble Award Winners Bundle

    The Humble Award Winners Bundle has just gone live, which includes some highly rated games with the chosen charity for this bundle being Direct Relief. They're one of the charities currently involved in helping fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    In the $1/£1 tier they have SIMULACRA and Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, sadly neither have Linux support but may work to some degree with Steam Play Proton.

    Things get more interesting if you pay more than the average as you get Quadrilateral Cowboy which does support Linux and Yoku's Island Express (no Linux there).

  • Epic city-state simulator 'Songs of Syx' is very promising and now on Kickstarter

    The developer said it doesn't firmly fit into a single category. It's not really a city-builder, it's not exactly a grand-strategy game or anything else. It's a firm blending of many things they've ended up calling a "city-state simulation". You start off with nothing more than a simple village, a few people and eventually expand to cities with 10-30k citizens. Not only that, there's also massive battles you would expect to see in some sort of real-time strategy game on a grand scale the developer said is "like those depicted in Gladiator, Alexander, or LOTR" and this comes with a morale system, training, formations and all sorts of tactics.

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