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BSD: Clang 11.0 and OpenBSD

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  • Clang 11 Changes -O To Match GCC Behavior

    Clang 11.0 has changed its "-O" optimization flag to match the defaults of GCC.

    LLVM Clang currently treats the -O option as matching the -O2 optimization level as that was chosen back when Clang didn't differ between -O1 and -O2 optimization levels. GCC meanwhile has treated -O as the -O1 optimization level.

    But now with Clang's -O1 and -O2 behavior differing, Clang has changed its -O behavior to -O1 in matching the characteristics of the GNU Compiler Collection.

  • The Dark Side Of Hackathons: Why They Are Counter Innovation Culture

    The term Hackathon was coined by Niels Provos from OpenBSD

  • First seed for OpenBSD/powerpc64 planted by kettenis@

    In a set of commits to the tree on Saturday, Mark Kettenis (kettenis@) added the early beginnings of support for the 64-bit PowerPC platform: [...]