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Games: Golf With Your Friends, Lair of the Clockwork God, The Long Dark and Lots More

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  • Prepare your tee as Golf With Your Friends has released

    Golf With Your Friends, a lovely mini-golf game from developer Blacklight Interactive and Team17 has now left Early Access ready for you to catch a birdie.

    Quite a relaxing game to play by yourself for sure. However, it's also an absolute blast to play with others. You can hook up with others online to have a 12 player game and it becomes quite intense. There's also local multiplayer too. Tons of options to play together, spread across quite a lot of different themed courses. A new course arrived with the release too, themed on The Escapists.

  • Teen Programmer Uses Real Self-Driving Car Tech in 'GTA V'

    “So what you need is two PCs. One PC with Windows and all the Xbox drivers installed and one laptop or PC with Ubuntu 16.04 running openpilot with a webcam,” he said on Github. “I would recommend at least a 1080p webcam for any kind of openpilot webcam thing. I used a Logitech C920 but the quality still wasn’t really outstanding.”

  • Bee management sim Hive Time gets an Informational Update

    Hive Time, a very sweet bee management and building sim where you build up your own hive has a big update out now. Disclosure: the developer, Cheeseness, has contributed to GOL in the past.

    With today being World Bee Day, it's a perfect time for a big update and to learn a little perhaps. The Informational Update brings in a Beepedia which is a place for looking over tutorial info, game concepts to be explored, and some hints/tips to be discovered and some proper facts too. Additionally there's a bunch of fancy new visual effects, a bunch of new Queen portraits and a lot of small additions to make it feel nicer overall.

  • Lair of the Clockwork God becomes the number 1 Steam 250 hidden gem

    Lair of the Clockwork God, a game that blends together a platformer with a point & click adventure just recently became notably highly rated.

    You've probably heard of Steam 250 before, we've linked to it a few times as well. It's a website that pulls in user ratings from Steam, to build an unbiased list of highly rated games. This includes lists like the overall best, most played, trending, per-platform lists and more.

    An interesting list I like to keep an eye on is the Hidden Gems. Showing games that are close to 100% on positive ratings but they don't have a large amount of reviews. So it's a list that usually shows really good games that get often overlooked by the masses.

  • Story-driven metroidvania Clunky Hero has you fight drunk bees

    From the same Nicola Piovesan and Chaosmonger Studio who are currently working on the point and click ENCODYA, they've announced a second game with Clunky Hero.

    Clunky Hero is a story-driven platformer metroidvania with "a touch of RPG and tons of humor" according to Piovesan. It's just launched on Kickstarter with a small €12,500 goal and looks quite interesting. According to their info it's supposed to be a mash-up of gameplay found in the likes of Hollow Knight but on the more ridiculous side. The protagonist appears to run around with a broom and a bucket on their head. They mentioned the card game Munchkin as an idea of the parody level they're going for.

  • The Long Dark has a huge Survival Mode update

    Surviving in The Long Dark is not easy, this quiet apocalypse with you stuck out in the cold will challenge anyone but now the team at Hinterland are giving you some new stuff to help.

    Refresher time! The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies -- only you, the cold, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster.

    With the latest update, Fearless Navigator, you can now find paint spray cans in the world, which is one of the new major quality of life improvements. Allowing you to mark an area to remember it, which makes it show up on your map. That is something I was sorely missing from it. I often got quite lost in The Long Dark, as they purposefully went for a different approach to other games. It still doesn't make it at all easy but it's a nice and welcome change.

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    Dave Cross, long-time Perl user, trainer, and author, recently released The Best of Perl Hacks, a curated collection of his best posts from his Perl Hacks blog. His imprint, Perl School, has published six e-books, including two that I wrote. There’s an unrelated book, Perl Hacks: Tips & Tools For Programming, Debugging, And Surviving, by chromatic, Damian Conway, and Curtis “Ovid” Poe. It’s also very good, but completely separate from Dave’s.

  • Qt for Automation changed to Qt M2M Protocols

    Qt M2M Protocols is now automatically included for free to every new Qt Device Creation subscription. The additional distribution license price has been removed as well. Qt Application Development license holders can buy Qt M2M Protocols separately.

  • Using Visual Studio Code for Qt Applications – Part Two

    In the last blog post we saw an essential, C++ oriented, Visual Studio Code setup. That was enough to get going right away, but we can still definitely do more and better. Here I’ll show you how to get a complete setup for your qmake and CMake projects, all this while also wearing a Qt hat (on top of my C++ hat) and having a deeper look at the Qt side. Build qmake Qt projects Qmake is not integrated with Visual Studio Code the way CMake is, so setting up a qmake project for build is slightly more convoluted than doing the same with CMake. This means we’ll have to define our own build tasks. We’re going to do this in two stages: build steps definition and build steps combination, leveraging the fact that Visual Studio Code implements task dependencies and ordered sequential execution of dependencies.

  • Where Did Software Go Wrong?

    Computers were supposed to be “a bicycle for our minds”, machines that operated faster than the speed of thought. And if the computer was a bicycle for the mind, then the plural form of computer, Internet, was a “new home of Mind.” The Internet was a fantastic assemblage of all the world’s knowledge, and it was a bastion of freedom that would make time, space, and geopolitics irrelevant. Ignorance, authoritarianism, and scarcity would be relics of the meatspace past.

    Things didn’t quite turn out that way. The magic disappeared and our optimism has since faded. Our websites are slow and insecure; our startups are creepy and unprofitable; our president Tweets hate speech; we don’t trust our social media apps, webcams, or voting machines. And in the era of coronavirus quarantining, we’re realizing just how inadequate the Internet turned out to be as a home of Mind. Where did it all go wrong?

  • good idea bad implementation crosstalk

    Unfortunately products like the latter seem quite common. Most things in my house are still rather dumb because regrettably few products are actually the same thing, but smarter. Instead smart devices are inevitably some inscrutable machine intelligence physically manifested in my house. So no thanks. Battle lines drawn, everybody pick a side, good idea or bad implementation, and fight!

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Compact 8K video encoder runs Linux on Kaby Lake

Advantech has launched a “VEGA-8300E 8K Broadcast Video Encoder” and streaming appliance for 8Kp60, 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC real-time encoding. The system runs Ubuntu on a 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU and offers 2x hot-swappable SATA bays. We realize that most of you are not in the market for an 8K video encoder, but we occasionally like to check in on the high-end video world where Linux is steadily making inroads. Normally Advantech’s VEGA-8300E 8K Broadcast Video Encoder would have been showcased at the NAB Show, which has been cancelled due to the pandemic. (Some NAB content is available on the online NAB Show Express.) We heard about the VEGA-8300E from an Advantech announcement on Businesswire that revealed the product has won a 2020 Best of Show Special Edition Award presented by TV Technology. Read more