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  • Denuvo Anti-Cheat to support Steam Play Proton, being removed from DOOM Eternal

    Some really good news for PC gamers everywhere, as it seems one small battle against invasive anti-cheat has been won.

    Recently, DOOM Eternal gained the brand new Denuvo Anti-Cheat tech, which is not to be confused with their usual DRM tech. This addition entirely broke it in the Steam Play Proton compatibility later for Linux and enraged the wider PC community for being added after the game was already released. Just take a look at how the user reviews went on Steam…

  • Retro block-pushing puzzler Akurra to get Linux support

    Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, Akurra from developer Jason Newman looks like a wonderful retro block-pushing puzzle adventure and they plan Linux support.

    Inspired by games like Chip's Challenge, Star Tropics, Sokoban, and Zelda it's got a lot to live up to but it already looks like a lot of fun. You push blocks to cover pits and avoid spikes, explore caves, go hunting for keys while riding on sea turtles and find secrets.

  • Steampunk base-builder Volcanoids adds online co-op

    Volcanoids is pure joy if you love steampunk and great big machines, as it combines the two together and now it has online co-op. Probably one of the most unique survival base-building experiences, especially with your base being something that goes with you on your adventures.

    Released yesterday was online co-op support, along with a brand new trailer to show it off, and I will admit my own hype for it has increasingly somewhat dramatically after watching it. This was the most requested featured for Volcanoids and it's an obvious fit for such a base-builder. Currently it only supports a max of 4 people.

  • Viking strategy game Northgard arrives on GOG with a discount

    In Northgard you take control of a clan, trying to try to settle new lands while dealing with all the other clans also wanting riches. It added Linux support on Steam back in 2018 and now it's also finally available on

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Mozilla Firefox 77 Is Now Available for Download, Here’s What’s New

Highlights of the Firefox 77 release include improved accessibility by allowing screen reader users to access the applications list in Firefox Options, providing labels for date/time inputs for users of accessibility tools and updated text in the JAWS screen reader for some live regions. This release also implements support for viewing and managing web certificates via a new about:certificate page, and adds Pocket recommendations on the New Tab page for users located in the United Kingdom (UK). Among other changes, Firefox 77 removes the browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches preference. Users will now have to uncheck the search engines on the One-Click Search Engines option in the about:preferences#search page if they want to hide the one-off search buttons. Read more Direct: 77.0 Firefox Release Also: Firefox 77 Released With Security Fixes, AV1 Image File Support Firefox 77.0 Released with Pocket Recommendations for UK users Firefox 77.0

IBM/Red Hat/Fedora Leftovers

  • Red Hat OpenShift 4 now available on IBM Power Systems

    Clients can exploit the unique capabilities of OpenShift 4 to incrementally modernize the capabilities of their IT infrastructure and streamline their deployment of cloud native applications with continuous integration and deployment. They will be primed to exploit the performance of the Power architecture as they begin to infuse AI and ML insights and Open Source innovations into Linux® applications running on Power Systems. OpenShift 4 combines the industry’s most comprehensive and trusted enterprise container and Kubernetes platform with single step installation, automated upgrades and lifecycle management for every part of our client’s container stack.

  • How to scale an open, energetic community

    Now we're undergoing what may be our largest evolution yet. We're reimagining our mission and vision. We're re-branding. We're renovating our spaces of community conversation and collaboration. We're recruiting new contributors. We're implementing new governance structures to make the project more inclusive. It's incredibly exciting. And in this series, members of the Open Organization project will share the community's journey with you—so you can see firsthand how community evolutions occur, how tough they can be, and how rewarding they become.

  • Ben Williams: F32-20200601 Updated Live isos Released

    The Fedora Respins SIG is pleased to announce the latest release of Updated F32-20200518-Live ISOs, carrying the 5.6.14-300 kernel. Welcome to Fedora 32. This set of updated isos will save considerable amounts of updates after install. ((for new installs.)(New installs of Workstation have about 840+MB of updates)). A huge thank you goes out to irc nicks dowdle, Southern-Gentleman for testing these iso.

  • Insights into hybrid cloud: Here's what to consider

    Our interactions with businesses can happen in person, on the web, on our mobile devices, in marketplaces or via APIs. To enable these interactions, IT organizations are increasingly being driven towards hybrid IT architectures involving private cloud, public cloud, edge computing, AI/ML and more to provide multiple different routes to the customer. This mixed use of public and private clouds, possibly with some degree of workload portability, integration, orchestration, and unified management across those clouds is often referred to as hybrid cloud computing. Research shows that improving business agility and increasing IT agility are key drivers for organizations that are implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.

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