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NuTyX 11.5 Linux Distro Released: A Highly Flexible Operating System

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If you’ve ever thought of building your own Linux-based operating system, you must have come across the Linux from scratch (LFS) project. It’s one of the best guides that teaches you to build your own customized Linux system from sources.

NuTyX is one such complete GNU/Linux distribution inspired by LFS and BLFS (Beyond LFS) that gives you full control of your OS. Continuing the development, the NuTyX dev team has released a new point version NuTyX 11.5 with minor improvements and package updates. So, let’s take a look at the new features and enhancements in NuTyX 11.5.

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Direct: NuTyX 11.5 available with cards 2.4.115

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