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A Complete Look at the PineBook Pro

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For a $200 laptop though, I can’t really complain. The materials that compose this product are of durable quality, the components that make the device work are pretty beefy for the price tag, the keyboard is decent, and you can still do *most* of the things that you’re used to doing on a desktop. I can see the PBP or even the original Pinebook as a valuable resource for those that need computers in third-world countries. You may want to consider getting the PBP if you’re in need of a laptop.

With Apple making the move to make all of their Macs ARM-based as early as this year, the folks at Pine64 may have already set the precedent for us with their Pinebook lineup. There isn’t a doubt in my mind ARM-based devices will become more and more of a common thing within the next decade, and Pine64 is already paving that way for us, before Apple did, with the addition of easy customization, both on the hardware and software side. Thumbs up from me!

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Android Leftovers

Android Leftovers