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LLVM 10.0.1 and Compiling Linux

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  • LLVM 10.0.1 Finally Ready As Latest Stable Compiler Version

    LLVM 10.0 released back in March and today marks the first point release finally shipping. Normally they try to be a bit more punctual in shipping the seldom point releases to LLVM but today marks LLVM 10.0.1 finally being available, just over one month out from the planned LLVM 11.0 debut.

    LLVM 11 was recently branched and is currently working towards a planned release at the end of August. But if you are planning on sticking to the LLVM 10 stable series for a while or just want the latest bug fixes immediately, LLVM 10.0.1 is out as likely the only point release of the series.

  • LLVM Clang Should Be Able To Build Linux 5.9 x86 32-bit Kernels

    With LLVM Clang 9 and Linux 5.3 the mainline kernel can be built following a years-long effort to be able to build the mainline Linux x86_64 kernel with Clang rather than GCC, which followed the AArch64 efforts in a similar achievement. Now with Linux 5.9 coming later this year, the i386 / 32-bit x86 mainline kernel will also now be capable of building under Clang.

    While most distribution vendors are phasing out 32-bit support except for the likes of select libraries needed by the likes of Steam or different printer software and other isolated use-cases running in an x86_64 environment, with the Linux 5.9 cycle it's set to be the first where mainline LLVM Clang can build the mainline Linux kernel for 32-bit x86 targets.