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EndeavourOS Releases September 2020 ISO with Linux 5.8, Improved Installation

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Besides launching the EndeavourOS ARM operating system for ARM devices, the EndeavourOS team also released today the September 2020 ISO, which includes all the latest software updates and some much-needed improvements.

The September 2020 release of EndeavourOS is here for everyone who wants to install this Arch Linux-based distribution for personal computers. EndeavourOS makes installing Arch Linux a breeze for newcomers as it uses the powerful Calamares graphical installer by default.

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The September release and EndeavourOS ARM arrived

  • The September release and EndeavourOS ARM arrived

    I have to say that the development of the two releases we are presenting today was an intense experience and almost felt like we were relaunching EndeavourOS. Now that we’re talking, I want to thank the community and our financial backers for the rock solid support you are giving us in times of trouble.

Arch Linux Based EndeavourOS...

  • Arch Linux Based EndeavourOS Begins Providing ARM Builds

    The Arch Linux based EndeavourOS that was born out of Antergos Linux has released new builds for September 2020 and also gotten into the ARM Linux game.

    The EndeavourOS September 2020 update brings the usual unsuspecting changes like moving to Linux 5.8, the latest Firefox, and other package upgrades, but there are also a number of other original improvements.

    With the latest EndeavourOS there have been major updates to the "Welcome App" that introduces new users to the operating system to enhance that initial experience. The installation process of EndeavourOS has also been improved with a number of bug fixes and other improvements. The i3 window management support for EndeavourOS also is bringing a number of different fixes.

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