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virt-manager 3.0.0 released!

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Yesterday I released virt-manager 3.0.0. Despite the major version number bump, things shouldn't look too different from the previous release. For me the major version number bump reflects certain feature removals (like dropping virt-convert), and the large amount of internal code changes that were done, though there's a few long awaited features sprinkled in like virt-install --cloud-init support which I plan to write more about later.

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Also: virt-install --cloud-init support

Virt-Manager 3.0 Released With UI Improvements, Cloud-Init Opt

  • Virt-Manager 3.0 Released With UI Improvements, Cloud-Init Option

    Virt-Manager 3.0 quietly got released a little more than one week ago.

    While Red Hat decided to deprecate the virt-manager UI in RHEL8 in favor of the Cockpit web console for managing VMs, the virt-manager project continues pushing along. Cole Robinson released Virt-Manager 3.0 and while it's a big version bump not a whole lot has changed.

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