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antiX 19.3 Released with Wi-Fi Switch and LibreOffice 7.0, Latest Debian Buster Updates

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Coming seven months after antiX 19.2, the antiX 19.3 release is here to introduce a new tool called Wi-Fi Switch, which can be used to select the Wi-Fi manager of your choice. Users, will be able to choose between the default Connman or the optional Ceni Wi-Fi connection managers.

On top of that, the default IceWM window manager has been updated to version 1.8.3 in this release, which is the first to move to the newest Firefox ESR release, version 78.3, and also include the latest LibreOffice 7.0 office suite. Also, the mps-youtube terminal-based YouTube player and downloader was updated with a fix for an apt_key bug.

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Copyright notices in source code are inconsistently applied and poorly maintained. As a result, such notices are poor sources of information. Should more resources be applied to the maintenance of copyright notices? No. Copyright notices are one-line strings that typically include the word "Copyright" (or some substitute, like ©), a name (usually a person or company), and a year. In this article, I am not focusing on licenses or license notices (which may sometimes include a copyright notice). My suggestion for low prioritization of investment in copyright notice maintenance does NOT apply to license information. License information should be clearly presented and maintained to be accurate. If you invite others to take and do something with your software, please make the permissions that are being given clear by presenting and maintaining clear license information. Read more

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