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FreeBSD Can Now Be Built From Linux/macOS Hosts, Transition To Git Continues

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The FreeBSD project has published their Q3-2020 report on the state of this leading BSD operating system.

Among the highlights they made during the third quarter include:

- The FreeBSD Foundation issued additional grants around WiFi and Linux KPI layer improvements, Linux application compatibility improvements with the Linuxulator, DRM/graphics driver updates, Zstd compression for OpenZFS, online RAID-Z expansion, and modernizing the LLDB target support for FreeBSD.

- FreeBSD Foundation staff members have been working to improve the build infrastructure, ARM64 support, migrating their development tree to Git, rewriting the UNIX domain socket locking, and run-time dynamic linker and kernel ELF loader improvements.

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  • FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Third Quarter 2020
    FreeBSD Project Quarterly Status Report - Third Quarter 2020
       This report covers FreeBSD related projects for the period between July
       and September, and is the third of four planned reports for 2020.
       This quarter brings a good mix of additions and changes to the FreeBSD
       Project and community, from a diverse number of teams and people
       covering everything from architectures, continuous integration,
       wireless networking and drivers, over drm, desktop and third-party
       project work, as well as several team reports, along with many other
       interesting subjects too numerous to mention.
       As the world is still affected by the epidemic, we hope that this
       report can also serve as a good reminder that there is good work that
       can be done by people working together, even if we're apart.
       We hope you'll be as interested in reading it, as we've been in making
       it. Daniel Ebdrup Jensen, on behalf of the quarterly team.

[Old] History of FreeBSD: Part 1: UNIX and BSD

Official page up now

FreeBSD gets experimental PowerPC little-endian support

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