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Linux desktop: The one moment in 2020 that is key to its success

If I reveal the Linux desktop information right from the jump, that would be in poor form. After all, I have to build up tension, add a little drama, and make you work for it. This is open source we're talking about--you're used to waiting for the payoff. You've been using Linux as your desktop operating system for decades, all the while wondering why the masses have yet to adopt the platform you know is ideal for the average user. Let's get to the topic at hand before you revolt. (Hint: Linux has been working toward this moment for a very long time, and it's quite obvious to anyone who has been paying attention.)

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Introduction to Thunderbird mail filters

Everyone eventually runs into an inbox loaded with messages that they need to sort through. If you are like a lot of people, this is not a fast process. However, use of mail filters can make the task a little less tedious by letting Thunderbird pre-sort the messages into categories that reflect their source, priority, or usefulness. This article is an introduction to the creation of filters in Thunderbird. Filters may be created for each email account you have created in Thunderbird. These are the accounts you see in the main Thunderbird folder pane shown at the left of the “Classic Layout”. Read more

Firefox 85 Released with a Major Privacy Feature

Popular web browser Firefox releases its first stable release of the year with many new features (rather important ones!) and improvements across modules. Here's what's Firefox 85 brings for you. Read more

Cosmo Communicator running Ubuntu Touch shows what should have been

We basically have a two-horse race in the mobile market but there was never a shortage of attempts to have a third contender. There’s Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows Mobile attempts, of course, as well as Nokia’s spiritual successor Jolla. And then there’s Ubuntu Touch, so far still the most successful attempt to bring a mainstream Linux OS to commercial phones. Canonical basically giving up on that effort ironically caused Ubuntu Touch to become available on even more devices and the Cosmo Communicator is probably one of the best examples of what an Ubuntu phone should have been. Read more

30 Basic Linux Commands For Beginners [Linux 101]

When I was introduced to Linux, I had a pretty hard time getting used to and learning Linux commands. There’s no secret to learning Linux in a day or two easily but to practice, fail, stand up and practice again, and learn from your mistakes. The easiest way to learn Linux is not to abandon it if you don’t understand how it works. In this article, let’s look at some of the basic Linux commands for beginners. This list of Linux terminal commands contains all the common commands. Think of it as a Linux command cheat sheet as it contains almost all the basic ones to get you started. Read more