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Plasma 5.20 & display scaling - Excellent

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Excellent results. I'm happy. And also annoyed. The real problem with Plasma 5.20 is that it's not LTS, and that its superb features won't be backported to either 5.12 or 5.18, which means I will have to wait YEARS before I finally get to enjoy the truly spectacular package that is the latest Plasma release. Until then, I'll be forced to cope with various outstanding glitches and problems present in the earlier versions. Yes, the way things are, I'm not going to enjoy Plasma the way it ought be - scaling, Samba tweaks, looks - until Kubuntu 22.04.

That's the price I need to pay for expecting stability first. Which is great when you work with a complete, mature set of features in an operating system. But when Plasma evolves so quickly, including some erratic developments along the way, it's rather hard to settle and enjoy only a subset of the things you need due to administrative partitioning. Perhaps one day, it will be possible to completely decouple the underlying system from the desktop and applications. Until then, I must praise Plasma 5.20 for its outstanding job and be sad that my LTS won't be getting any of this sweet nectar. Back to our topic - scaling, job well done. Bye bye.

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