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Arduino Leftovers

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  • Arduino Sensor Kit Base is a large shield for Arduino UNO with 10 modules

    Earlier this year, Seeed Studio introduced the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino that included the Arduino UNO compatible Seeduino Lotus board placed at the center and ten pre-wired and detachable Grove modules to get started with sensors on Arduino with no cabling whatsoever apart from the USB cable. Arduino must have seen and liked the design, and Seeed Studio has collaborated with the Italian company to create the Arduino Sensor Kit Base with a very similar design, but with a twist as instead of an all-in-one platform with modules and an Arduino board, it’s a very large shield that seats on tops of Arduino UNO.

  • Arduino Blog » Arduinoliday Calendar: discover a new Arduino surprise every day!

    Let the holiday countdown begin! With the Arduinoliday Calendar, everyday is a new window, and every window is a new surprise…

    To unlock the surprises, click on the Arduinoliday window on the Arduino homepage. The calendar is packed with inspiration, projects, and wonderful surprises for makers — and their beloved ones — who love to create with Arduino!

  • Arduino Blog » 10 most popular modules and sensors for the Arduino UNO all on one board

    Getting started with electronics and sensing the world around you is now easier than ever with the new all-in-one Arduino Sensor Kit from Arduino, in partnership with Seeed.

    The 10 most popular modules and sensors for your Arduino UNO have been integrated onto a single board, providing plug-and-play convenience without the need for any soldering or wiring! Combining basic Grove sensors and actuators for the Arduino UNO, the kit contains a base shield featuring the following modules that can be connected either through the digital, analog, or I2C connectors

  • Arduino Blog » Arduino Donation Program: Making a difference in the open-source community!

    As an open-source company, Arduino aims to ensure that open-source continues to thrive and remains sustainable for the long term. The Arduino Donation Program is intended to fund projects and institutions that make a lasting difference in the worldwide open-source community.

    Arduino’s corporate giving efforts are focused on not-for-profit and charitable organizations supporting the free and open-source software movement. Arduino Donation Program recipients have been selected according to the importance of their project, and above all, their dedication to making technology accessible to everyone.

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We’re delighted to welcome Kyeong Sang Kim to Red Hat as a general manager for Korea. In the new role, he will be responsible for Red Hat’s business operations in the country. Kyeong Sang is an expert in the field of IT consulting, supporting numerous business innovation projects for more than 25 years. Prior to joining Red Hat, Kyeong Sang served as the CEO of SICC (Ssangyong Information & Communications Corp), where he successfully led the company’s digital transformation to the cloud. He has also held several other leadership roles at global companies, including Accenture. We caught up with Kyeong Sang to find out more about his interest in open source and Red Hat, and his insights on leadership. Read more

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