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Games: Wasteland 3, Sonic and Much More

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  • Wasteland 3 should be available on Linux with patch 1.3 before the end of 2020 | GamingOnLinux

    inXile Entertainment have confirmed in their latest update for Wasteland 3 that the Linux version should be ready before the end of 2020.

    The team have been working on Wasteland 3 update 1.2 dubbed "Meat Maker Marinade" to address various improvements and fixes. They went with that code name as this update should get rid of the most urgent issues, to let "the flavors soak in". That update should be due within the next week.

  • Game Zone: A Very Sonic Christmas!

    In 1992, Sega, a well-known game company, launched the Sega CD (Mega CD), an add-on for its Genesis/Megadrive video game. As it was the launch of new hardware, it is always necessary to have titles that are the famous killer apps, in order to sell the accessory.

    The Sega CD, at its launch, had a lot of killer apps: Sega Classics 4-in-1, Cobra Command, Chuck Rock, Night Trap, Sewer Shark, among others.

    However, it was not yet the necessary boost of sales of the device. That extra boost would come with the second wave of releases, with titles like Final Fight CD, Ecco the Dolphin and (play the drums) Sonic CD. This second wave of titles showed what the Sega CD hardware was capable of, and positioned the accessory as an object of desire for the gamers of the time, giving a significant advantage in Sega's war with Nintendo.


    Right when the game is installed, it does not recognize any joystick, unlike Sonic CD, which accepts any joystick automatically.

    This can be worked around with Antimicro, a program that maps the joystick on the computer keyboard, and is available in the PCLinuxOS repos.

  • Call for participation to Online GodotCon 2021

    2021 is quickly approaching and in the Godot community we are starting to prepare for next year's GodotCon!

    As you might know, each year we attend FOSDEM, the major Free and Open Source event in Europe, and we use the opportunity to organise our own small conference as a fringe event: GodotCon! A meetup for contributors, users and interested people to socialize, collaborate and share knowledge.

    Sadly, given the uncertainty regarding international travel and the possibility to host big gatherings, FOSDEM has decided to go online-only for next year's edition and we are taking the same decision for our own GodotCon.

    It's not all bad news because as much as we'll miss meeting each other in person, we must see it as an opportunity for everyone to participate, no matter where they are located.

  • art of rally to get a sizable update on December 14 with new vehicles | GamingOnLinux

    That's not all, you will also now have Ghost Cards so you can see and race against your local ghost. A great feature, and one I personally find makes coming back to any kind of solo racer much more enticing. There's also going to be support for livery mods available from the Race Department website. You will be able to create them from templates provided, then exported as a png to add to the game.

  • Intergalactic Wizard Force is a highly amusing short free adventure out now | GamingOnLinux

    Intergalactic Wizard Force, developed for the AdventureX Game Jam is well worth a look as it's absolutely hilarious and won't take you long to complete.

    With its own theme song, fully voiced characters and artwork from Jacob Janerka (Paradigm) it's quite an experience. Janerka described it as "like the hit movie Twins (1988 film) except they are Space Wizards dealing with intergalactic bureaucracy".

  • War Thunder now has a Battle Pass with both free and paid items | GamingOnLinux

    War Thunder, the very popular free-to-play, cross-platform, MMO military now has its own Battle Pass system so dedicated players can earn even more from it.

    Just like many other games now do, you can either just continue playing free and earn a few extras here and there or pay a fee to be able to unlock all of it as you play it. The first season of the War Thunder Battle Pass runs from December 2 until February 2021. Gajin said each season of the Battle Pass will have plenty of new and often exclusive content like vehicles, decals, XP boosters, profile icons and much more.

  • Surviving the Humans is an upcoming adventure about a misunderstood 80s Zombie | GamingOnLinux

    Being a Zombie in the 80s isn't easy and that's what Surviving the Humans is all about, starring a rather misunderstood undead fellow.

    Surprised Monkey Studio say to expect a story that simply hasn't been told before, with Cooper being a Zombie who is not of the murderous brain-eating sort they're often portrayed as. You follow Cooper through the story as they learn what it really means to be a Zombie as they try to change how humans think about them. It's currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter where the team is trying to raise $10,000 to finish it.

  • Village builder Odd Realm is now available DRM-free on GOG | GamingOnLinux

    If the GOG store is your preferred place to grab some games, go and check out the latest release with Odd Realm. Another Linux supported title, which has you build up a settlement and expand across a fantasy world.

    With it being available for a while already, it's quite positively rated by users on Steam at least and I enjoyed my own time spent with it earlier this year. It's got that right kind of relaxing building, mixed in with plenty of challenges. If you enjoy the likes of Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld and other similar games you will probably quite enjoy Odd Realm too.

  • Sky Haven is a new airport tycoon building sim available in Early Access | GamingOnLinux

    A new promising building tycoon sim has entered the race why Sky Haven from developer Real Welders, so far it seems to be quite promising too.

    Keeping in mind that it only released on November 25, it already has a "Very Positive" user rating on Steam from close to 200 reviews so it seems Real Welders are onto something here. It was originally funded on Kickstarter, where the developer managed to pull in about $60,000 in late 2019 so it's good to see it now available.


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