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Updated Portal 2 Vulkan Rendering Code Yielding Great Radeon Results

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Valve on Monday rolled out a new Portal 2 build that improves its new Vulkan renderer support. For those interested here are some fresh benchmarks of Portal 2 with OpenGL and Vulkan on the open-source AMD Radeon Linux drivers.

In February was the surprise announcement of Vulkan rendering API support for Portal 2. Valve is making use of Vulkan with Portal 2 by leveraging the DXVK native library for translating the game's existing Direct3D 9 usage to Vulkan. The existing OpenGL support for Portal 2 on Linux remains available.

Valve yesterday released their first significant Portal 2 update since the initial Vulkan rendering support last month. Some of the specific improvements in this latest Portal 2 update include "massively improved" performance for multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA) with AMD graphics hardware, overall performance improvements, and a large number of bug fixes -- including many Linux-specific fixes.

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AMDs AMDVLK Vulkan Driver For Linux...

  • AMDs AMDVLK Vulkan Driver For Linux Remains Horribly Slow At Compute Compared To The Mesa RADV Driver

    AMDVLK v-2021.Q1.4, released late last week, was a huge yawn with a Mad Max specific performance quirk and the API verison updated to Vulkan 1.2.169. The last half dozen releases were equally boring. It is therefore not shocking that the performance-differences between the AMD AMDVLK Vulkan driver and the Mesa RADV driver are the same today as they were half a year ago: The graphics performance is near-identical, with AMDVLK being slightly slower, while the gap between their respective compute performance remains significant.


    The MSI Kombustor TessMark benchmarks are clearly doing something the AMDVLK is incapable of handling at acceptable framerates. This is the only test where there is such a gigantic difference so it will probably not matter in the vast majority of games and applications but there could be some that do the same thing - with a huge performance-penalty as a result.

    Basemark GPU v1.2.3 tell as similar story of two nearly equal Vulkan drivers. The Mesa RADV driver has a one frame per second advantage at 4K, so it does get the higher score. The minimum and maximum values are exactly the same in both cases and practical difference just isn't there.

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Linux 5.11.13, 5.10.29, 5.4.111, 4.19.186, 4.14.230, 4.9.266, and 4.4.266

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