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  • OpenZFS 2.1.0-rc2 Released With Bug Fixes - Phoronix

    At the end of March the release candidate phase began for the upcoming OpenZFS 2.1 open-source ZFS file-system on Linux and FreeBSD systems. The second release candidate is now available for this noteworthy OpenZFS update.

    Headlining OpenZFS 2.1 is distributed spare RAID (dRAID) functionality. OpenZFS 2.1 is also introducing a new "compatibility" property for Zpool feature sets, a zpool_influxdb command was added, and a variety of other changes.

  • VirtIO Bluetooth Driver On The Way To The Linux Kernel - Phoronix

    Queued up within Bluetooth-Next as of yesterday and in advance of the upcoming Linux 5.13 merge window is a VirtIO transport driver. This "virtio_bt" driver allows for Bluetooth HCI transport over VirtIO. This VirtIO addition was led by Intel engineers.

  • LibreOffice QA/Dev Report: March 2021
  • Debian Community News: Paul R. Tagliamonte, the Pentagon and backstabbing Jacob Appelbaum, part B

    Here we leak the next evidence of Paul Tagliamonte's backstabbing while he was working for a White House team in the Pentagon. Notice the email is sent at 8:53am on a Friday morning, it appears to be sent during office hours.

    Please consider the strict legal obligations for US Federal employees. In particular, Government employees are required to uphold the constitution and be impartial when dealing with the public. Violating these rules may lead to criminal consequences.

    Tagliamonte's email is not a "first hand account"

    Three other developers, Steffen Möller, Miriam Ruiz and Ansgar Burchardt had expressed concern about the social media mob attacking Appelbaum. Tagliamonte's reply cancels their concerns without giving any good reasons.


    Questions need to be asked at the highest level about why Paul R. Tagliamonte was pushing the criminal accusations against a US citizen. Senior staff pictured with Tagliamonte may need to be called before Congress to explain whether they had any knowledge of these plots and whether the shaming of security researchers like Appelbaum and Julian Assange is part of an ongoing program.

  • Wallpaper corruption in containers maybe fixed

    When you bootup EasyOS, on the desktop there is an icon labelled "dunfell", clicking which will launch the entire Dunfell 2.6.2 desktop in a container. The key combination ALT-F6 flips back to the main desktop. Other puppies can also be run in a container.

    A problem we have had right from the start, is wallpaper corruption in the container. It is ROX-Filer that manages the desktop wallpaper and icons, and the instance of ROX that runs in the container is not completely isolated from the ROX on the main desktop. I have not been able to understand exactly what the cause of the problem is, but a "sleep 4" after starting JWM and before running ROX results in OK wallpaper -- but not always, it seems some PCs require longer sleep.

  • Cheers to 10 Years

    Today marks ten years since the release of the very first version of elementary OS. Our 0.1 release, codenamed “Jupiter”, came with the bold tagline, “It’s gonna be huge”. A decade later, elementary OS is made up of over 130 open source git repositories, has its own desktop environment, comes with more than a dozen first party apps and a unique app store with nearly 200 native third-party apps, has been translated to more than 20 languages, and most recently comes pre-installed on several desktops and laptops.

  • Install MetalLB and Istio Ingress Gateway with Mutual TLS for Kubernetes

    Configuring encryption between Kubernetes pods with Istio and mTLS.

  • Adam Young: Querying hostnames from beaker

    If you have requested a single host from beaker, the following one liner will tell the hostname for it.

  • How to install Mine-imator on a Chromebook with Crossover 20

    Today we are looking at how to install Mine-imator on a Chromebook with Crossover 20. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

  • March GNU Spotlight with Mike Gerwitz: 14 new GNU releases!

    14 new GNU releases in the last month (as of March 25, 2021):

  • How to Apply a License to Your Open Source Project

    License License License! Sometimes it feels like licensing is the only thing anyone ever talks about in FOSS. Despite its popularity as a topic of conversation, relatively few FOSS participants have a good understanding of what licenses are and even fewer know how to apply them correctly to a FOSS project. In just the few minutes needed to read this article you, too, can become one of the few, the proud, the license literate.

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  • How to use the W3M text-based web browser on Linux

    Do you need a text-based web browser on Linux to use in your terminal? Don’t like using Lynx, as it seems dated and sluggish? Hoping for something better? Check out W3M. It’s a modern text-based terminal web browser for Linux that has much more to offer.

  • How to Install or Enable Cockpit on AlmaLinux 8 - Linux Shout

    The Cockpit on AlmaLinux is a server management platform that allows administrators to easily manage and control their GUI or CLI Linux server systems remotely using a browser. Among other things, admins can take a look at the systemd journal, check the load or start and stop services. It has a responsive design thus we can also use it conveniently on tablet s and smartphones. We can monitor our remote server performance using just a browser without actually having physical access to it. Furthermore, we can also access the command shell with root access to issue commands and install various packages over the server remotely. Since AlmaLinux 8 is based on RHEL just like CentOS 8, this means by default out of the box, the Cockpit is already installed on your system. Just we need to enable it.

  • How to Export and Delete Saved Passwords in Firefox - Make Tech Easier

    Firefox comes with a built-in password manager, also known as Lockwise. The Lockwise password manager is safeguarded with your Firefox account and allows you to access your passwords on the desktop and mobile. If you have been using Lockwise but now want to migrate to another password manager app, here we show how you can export and delete your saved passwords in Firefox.

  • How to Install Docker on Ubuntu Linux

    Docker has taken the software engineering industry by storm, and it has not only revolutionized the way we ship and deploy software but has also changed how engineers set up software development environments on their computers. This guide shows you how to get started with Docker by installing it on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (Focal Fossa), the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of Ubuntu at the time of this writing.

EndeavourOS: Our April release is available

We are proud to announce our second release of 2021 and this one is a bit more than a refresh ISO release, so before you hit the download button and go play with it, just sit back and let us inform you first because we are really excited about this release. [...] The other new feature on the knowledge base are video tutorials, like the wiki articles, this category will expand over time and at the moment it contains general Linux and Arch specific tutorials from the Youtube channels Chris Titus Tech and EF Linux. Very soon videos from DistroTube, Eric Adams and TechHut will also be added to enhance the experience. Read more

Zorin OS 16 Beta Released with Remarkable Changes. Download and Test Now.

The Zorin OS team announced the release of the Zorin OS 16 Beta which is immediately available for download and testing. With this pre-release, Zorin OS promises some massive changes. Let's take a look. Read more

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