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Games: Streets of Rage 4, Metric Racer and More

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  • Game Zone: Streets Of Rage 4: Finally On PCLinuxOS!

    Nostalgia... Ahhh, nostalgia. The whole world looks different with nostalgia glasses. Let's intoxicate ourselves with nostalgia now. Ladies and gentlemen, finally, Streets of Rage 4, review, from the version sold on GOG, running natively on PCLinuxOS!

    Streets of Rage 4, a game that took (too) long to come out...

    Twenty-five years. This is how long it has been since Streets of Rage 3 (Bare Knuckle 3 in Japan) was released for the MegaDrive. The saga developed its three main chapters in a very short period of time, from 1991 to 1994. From then on, nothing was done, except for the conversions that were made for other systems. Fans of the franchise received a pleasant surprise in August 2018, when DotEmu, a studio specialized in retro titles, officially announced that it was working on a new chapter, Streets of Rage 4.

  • Classic Zelda-styled multiplayer brawler Steelbreakers is out now and free

    Out for your next local multiplayer experience? Steelbreakers takes the style of classic Zelda games and turns it into an arena-styled brawler with different maps and modes. Covered by us last Summer when it had a demo up, the development on it continued and a 1.0 release is out now.

    An extremely charming and polished little brawler and one that's a lot of fun if you manage to get someone to play with. One that shouldn't need much of an introduction. It's a 2D fighting game where you pick your map, mode, character and weapons and then go head-to-head to see who is the best. It looks absolutely fantastic and really brings back the feel of some classics with nice little modern touches.

  • Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers announced as a follow-up to 2019's Arcade Spirits | GamingOnLinux

    Ready for a little romance and some classic arcade gaming? Well, Fiction Factory Games and PQube Limited recently announced Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers as a follow-up to the 2019 title Arcade Spirits.

    In the previous game you worked in an arcade while trying to find friendship and romance but this time around, you're playing in an arcade so it's all been flipped around. Not only is it giving a different perspective but you will also be able to import decisions made from the original game to shape the world. It's a standalone game though and can be played entirely by itself.


    The developer continues using the great open source Ren'Py, so it should all work nicely on Linux. The full game is due out sometime in early 2022.

  • Fast-paced futuristic Wipeout-like racer Metric Racer adds Linux support

    If you need a new fast-pacing racing fix, check out the promising looking Early Access game Metric Racer which has recently added Linux support on Steam. A game that looks a lot like Wipeout and BallisticNG, it's nice to see more developers attempt such a racer as there's not all that many.

    Metric Racer offers up a highly stylized version with a fancy cartoon-like visual style for the ships, along with plenty of customization options to really make it your own. There's also a full level editor so you can let out your creative side with Steam Workshop support.

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