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  • Ryujinx (Switch Emulator) Gets The Vulkan Treatment

    By using Vulkan, AMD and Intel users will see a massive performance upgrade, and not only this, but those who are using Intel’s integrated GPU will see a lot less graphical glitches. While those with NVIDIA may not see as big of a difference, according to the June 2021 progress report they will see “a small performance improvement in a few titles.”

  • Apache Month in Review: July 2021

    Welcome to the latest monthly overview of events from the Apache community. Here's a summary of what happened in July...

  • Newsletter 101 - July 2021 news | ReactOS Project

    Hello ReactOS followers! This report covers changes in the project during February-July 2021. And we definitely have some things to highlight!

  • ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Making Progress On x86_64, Multi-Monitor - Phoronix

    ReactOS as the long-running open-source project striving for Windows ABI compatibility has been making some significant progress this summer on various endeavors.

    ReactOS continues going strong after more than two decades for aspiring to be an open-source drop-in replacement to Windows. The open-source project today published their latest newsletter outlining many of their accomplishments so far this year.

  • Stay involved with Call for Code[Ed: Racist IBM (anti-blacks eugenics company) pretends to be ethical to sell more proprietary software e.g. Watson]

    Once again, the Call for Code community has answered the call. We are so grateful to everyone who helped support the 2021 Global Challenge to address climate change and to all of you who participated in this year’s competition. The societal challenges brought on by climate change continue to be some of the most pressing issues of our time. The Call for Code team extends our sincere appreciation to all of you who have joined the fight and are helping apply technology solutions to make a lasting difference.

    There are multiple ways you can continue to hone your skills and take on the greatest societal issues by contributing to our open source projects.


    Join the Call for Code for Racial Justice community in Slack to gain access to experts and collaborators, and get started supporting these initiatives.

  • Red Hat partners with Nutanix to deliver open hybrid multicloud solutions

    Red Hat and Nutanix announced a strategic partnership to enable a solution for building, scaling and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid clouds. The collaboration brings together technologies, enabling installation, interoperability and management of Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Nutanix Cloud Platform, including Nutanix AOS and AHV.

More in Tux Machines

Software: Matrix, Ktube, and Monero P2Pool

  • Chat Bubbles on Element and Several Matrix Apps

    This simple comparison wants to help everyone adopt alternative messaging technology, Matrix, with suitable user interface to them. We call Matrix Apps to instant messengers like Element, Fluffy, Nheko, Schildi and Spectral as they are created based upon the said technology. We will start by setting up criteria first that includes chat bubbles, then going through these messengers one by one, and you will see their pictures here along with a little comments from me. I hope you can pick up the messenger with UI you love the most from here.

  • Ktube Media Downloader lets you download YouTube videos easily on Linux

    I always like to tell people about how I have been using Linux as my primary operating system for over ten years. I love Linux, I understand it, it’s free and above all, it fits my workflow in a way Microsoft’s Windows (with all its goodness) probably never will. That also means I love and am a command-line ninja but I also know one thing, a lot of people out there fear and hate the command line.

  • Monero P2Pool V1.0 Is Released

    The latest version of P2Pool, a decentralized Monero mining pool has released. This is the first official release, signaling an invitation for more users to try out the new software.

Better Support & Performance For OpenACC Kernels Is Coming To GCC

While the GNU Compiler Collection has supported OpenACC for a few years now as this parallel programming standard popular with GPUs/accelerators, the current implementation has been found to be inadequate for many real-world HPC workloads leveraging OpenACC. Fortunately, Siemens has been working to improve GCC's OpenACC kernels support. GCC's existing OpenACC kernels construct has been found to be "unable to cope with many language constructs found in real HPC codes which generally leads to very bad performance." Fortunately, improvements are on the way and could potentially be mainlined in time for next year's GCC 12 stable release. Read more

Security Leftovers

  • Database containing 106m Thailand travelers' details leaked • The Register

    A database containing personal information on 106 million international travelers to Thailand was exposed to the public internet this year, a Brit biz claimed this week. Bob Diachenko, head of cybersecurity research at product-comparison website Comparitech, said the Elasticsearch data store contained visitors' full names, passport numbers, arrival dates, visa types, residency status, and more. It was indexed by search engine Censys on August 20, and spotted by Diachenko two days later. There were no credentials in the database, which is said to have held records dating back a decade. “There are many people who would prefer their travel history and residency status not be publicized, so for them there are obvious privacy issues,” wrote Comparitech editor Paul Bischoff on the company’s blog.

  • Break out your emergency change process and patch this ransomware-friendly bug ASAP, says VMware

    VMware has disclosed a critical bug in its flagship vSphere and vCenter products and urged users to drop everything and patch it. The virtualization giant also offered a workaround.

  • Reproducible Builds (diffoscope): diffoscope 185 released

    The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope version 185. This version includes the following changes:

    [ Mattia Rizzolo ]
    * Fix the autopkgtest in order to fix testing migration: the androguard
      Python module is not in the python3-androguard Debian package
    * Ignore a warning in the tests from the h5py package that doesn't concern
    [ Chris Lamb ]
    * Bump Standards-Version to 4.6.0.

GNOME 41 Released. This is What's New.

GNOME team announced the release of GNOME 41 with some exceptional changes and updates. We wrap up the release in this post. Read more