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Audiocasts/Shows: MATE, Games, Coder Radio, Makulu, and mintcast

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  • MATE is not a complete desktop environment... MATE Applications tour

    It's time to continue our trip down memory lane with MATE. As I've said in a previous video, I spent a lot of time on GNOME 2 when it was the default on Ubuntu, and I know most of its default apps like the back of my hand. It's been 10 years since I've used GNOME 2 though, and MATE has evolved past that, so let's see you get out of the box, and if that's any good.

  • Co-op News Punch Podcast - Episode 31

    Has it really been months since our last episode? Woops. We're back! Introduction the Co-op News Punch Podcast - Episode 31. Apologies on this being away from a while but it's finally here.

    The podcast features myself and contributor Samsai, having a very chilled-out chat about various Linux and Linux Gaming topics across different fields.

  • Ruby in the Rough | Coder Radio 425

    Big promises are being made in Ruby land, Tech Crunch says Open Source is dead, and we have thoughts to share about both!

    We also discuss Google's Time Crystals. They have the power to fundamentally change our lives, but what the heck are they?

  • Makulu Shift Update – Most Detailed look yet !
  • mintcast 366.5 – Protect Your Bits

    1:56 Linux Innards
    33:35 Vibrations from the Ether
    49:15 Check This Out
    59:02 Announcements & Outro

    In our Innards section we talk OpenVPN, Wireguard and staying safe online

    And finally, the feedback and a couple community choices