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Games: Stellaris, OpenTTD, OpenRazer and More

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  • Stellaris set for a big 'Lem' update in September with 'The Custodians' initiative | GamingOnLinux

    It appears that Paradox will continue to push ahead with upgrading Stellaris with a new team formed to help with free upgrades for all players every few months.

    This was actually announced back in June that we missed as it was in a regular developer diary post. What they've done is split the teams working on Stellaris so there's now the "Custodians" team to work on free updates approximately every three months with the "expansion team" focusing directly on new content. Paradox mentioned they're in it for the long run and there's no quick-fixes. Here's some of what the new Custodians team will work on over time through many different free updates...

  • OpenTTD gets a first 12.0 version Beta to make playing with others easier | GamingOnLinux

    After the release of OpenTTD on Steam recently, the popularity of the game got a healthy boost but it came with a lot of feedback about some parts that could be improved so this is the first step with OpenTTD 12.0 Beta 1.

    What is OpenTTD? It's an open source simulation game based upon the popular Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe", written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

  • Fortune's Run is an upcoming retro-styled hard-scifi shooter worth watching | GamingOnLinux

    Announced during the recent Realms Deep 2021 event, Fortune's Run is an upcoming retro-styled first-person shooter set in a hard science fiction universe.

    "Fortune's Run is a retro-styled first-person shooter developed on Unity inspired by Deus Ex, EYE: Divine Cybermancy and Build Engine titles. It is set in a hard-scifi universe where entrepeneuring colonists have left countless worlds bereft of resources and opportunity. You play as Mozah Lydd'sekh, an ex-con stuck working for the soul-crushing mega-corp du jour as a result of their conditional release terms. You will lurk through rusted industrial spires and over-populated residential warrens, trying to make sense of a world long forgotten by those who built it."

  • OpenRazer 3.1 rolls out with new Razer device support and bug fixes | GamingOnLinux

    OpenRazer is the excellent free and open source driver collection for a big growing list of Razer devices. A big new release is out with OpenRazer 3.1. When paired up with the Polychromatic front-end, it gives you a really simple way to properly manage Razer devices on Linux.

  • Stardeus is an exciting and expansive space colony management game up on Kickstarter | GamingOnLinux

    Stardeus from studio Kodo Linija (Bloody Rally Show) is an upcoming space colony management game inspired by the likes of RimWorld, Factorio, Dwarf Fortress, Oxygen Not Included, Prison Architect and FTL. The developer has been dedicated working on it for over a year, to try and create a level of depth not often seen in such building sims.

    In the game you play as an immortal AI, armed with a bunch of robots and drones your task is to build up a working ship. It sounds a bit like Starmancer on the basics of the story (although the original idea came about from the film Passengers), with earth destroyed humankind looked to the stars for a new hope with people placed into stasis for you, the ships computer, to bring them all back to life. Something tears apart the ship and you get placed in control to deal with it.

  • It's hard to believe Selaco is running on GZDoom in the latest 3 minute trailer | GamingOnLinux

    We've seen plenty of gamepacks and mods for various things running on GZDoom and some are pretty awesome but the upcoming Selaco looks like it's going to be one of the absolute best. To think that GZDoom started off its early life as the somewhat simple ZDoom, another source port of the old Doom engine that eventually added more advanced features over time and now it's spawned a massive community of people making entire games with it.

    Selaco may not have a real release date yet but that doesn't stop us being excited about it because it looks awesome. Inspired by the F.E.A.R game series while still mixing in traditional retro-FPS elements from the likes of Quake and Doom but still having plenty of modern features. The developers say "Selaco is a fully fleshed out world full of character, action, and mystery".

  • I'm Running A Game On Steam on Ubuntu Linux With Intel HD 4000, It Worked or Failed?

    I have a laptop with specs: Core i5 3th Gen, 8GB RAM, GPU Intel HD 4000 and using Ubuntu Linux. I want to play my favorite game that I used to play on Windows(Super Mecha Champions). I once tried running it on Ubuntu using Wine, but it didn't work.

    After editing the configuration on Ubuntu, finally, it can run on Wine. However, the gaming experience when using Ubuntu on my favorite games was very bad. Because when on Windows I can play this game smoothly.

    When I tried it on Linux, in the tutorial section, the game was very laggy and didn't run smoothly. I suspect that the driver in Ubuntu is not running optimally by default, and at that time I was lazy to find a way to maximize graphics from Intel HD 4000 in Ubuntu.


    After installing the Game, I tried pressing the "PLAY" button on Steam and.... The game won't run. Okay, maybe Intel HD 4000 is not suitable for playing this game. Finally I read some of the posts of people on ProtonDB and found posts discussing the Super Mecha Champions game.

    Some users ask why this game won't run. In fact, many users there are using a GPU that is much better than mine (based on the specifications info on the right of the user's post). I thought, if they can't run it on a PC with such cool specs, what about the specs of this potato? Definitely can't either.


    The conclusion is finally I can play my favorite game(Super Mecha Champions) on my Ubuntu laptop and it runs fine. Hopefully in the future many game developers will also build their games for Linux.

OpenRazer 3.1 Released with New Razer Peripherals Support

  • OpenRazer 3.1 Released with New Razer Peripherals Support

    OpenRazer, open-source driver and user-space daemon to manage Razer peripherals on Linux, released version 3.1.

    One of the things that’s most frustrating about building a new computer for Linux is peripherals, especially for gamers who are looking for lots of functionality out of their peripherals.

    However, there are currently no official drivers for any Razer peripherals in Linux. But if you have Razer peripherals, you may be in luck, because the OpenRazer project has a solution for you.

    OpenRazer is a collection of Linux drivers for the Razer devices, providing kernel drivers, DBus services and python bindings to interact with the DBus interface. It is an entirely open source driver and user-space daemon that allows you to manage your Razer peripherals on Linux.

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Games: Trine 3 on Linux, Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack, Cassette Beasts, Julius 1.7

  • How to play Trine 3 on Linux

    Trine 3 is an action/puzzle-platformer video game developed by Frozenbyte. It is the successor to Trine 2 and was released on August 20th, 2015. The game is on Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PS4, Mac OS, and Linux. Here’s how to get it working on your Linux PC. [...] Trine 3 works on Linux as a native game, but you’ll have to install the Steam application first if you want to play it. Thankfully, Steam works on a majority of Linux operating systems. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t come pre-installed on many distributions, so we’ll need to go over how to get it working first.

  • Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack announced, launching with the free 3.2 update | GamingOnLinux

    Paradox only recently talked about a bunch of changes coming in the free 3.2 update and now they've announced Stellaris: Aquatics Species Pack as the latest DLC. "Sail the intergalactic seas and uncover an all new expansion packed to the gills with new options for new and longtime players alike. The Aquatics Species Pack will rinse Stellaris with a rising tide of new content, including brand new origins, species traits, civics and a treasure trove of new cosmetics. Seafarers and landlubbers alike will agree that this is Stellaris’ most immersive species pack to date.

  • Monster collecting game Cassette Beasts gets a new trailer and publisher | GamingOnLinux

    Cassette Beasts is the upcoming monster collecting game from Bytten Studio and today it has been announced that Raw Fury has joined as publisher. Bytten Studio had been looking for a publisher for some time now so this is great news. Developed in the open source Godot Engine, Cassette Beasts looks like a monster catching game like no other as you use the powerful fusion system to transform into creatures using retro cassette tapes.

  • Julius 1.7 is out, an open source re-implementation of the classic Caesar III | GamingOnLinux

    Julius is another shining example of an open source game engine re-implementation done well and a major update is out. Taking the original Caesar III and upgrading it for modern computing platforms. Not by the original developers though, this is like others, totally unofficial but don't let that stop you enjoying a much improved experience.

Karanbir Singh stepping down from the CentOS Board

Today we have heard from KB that he is stepping down from the CentOS Board of Directors. On behalf of the Board, I want to thank KB for his years of leadership. His work on the project, and in the community, has made the world a better place in tangible ways that affect millions of sysadmins on a daily basis, and that's hard to measure or quantify. On a personal note, I've appreciated his advice, insight, and mentorship as I took the reins of the Community Manager position. His stories and introductions paved the way for success in a role that has been very rewarding and a lot of fun. Read more Also: CentOS Project Chair Karanbir Singh Steps Down

Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT taps RP2040

Raspberry Pi has launched a $25 “LEGO Build HAT” for STEAM education based on its RP2040 MCU. The HAT can control up to 4x LEGO Technic motors and sensors and comes with Python library and an optional $15 power supply. When Raspberry Pi launched its dual Cortex-M0+ based RP2040 MCU and RP2040-based Raspberry Pi Pico module, we speculated that one or both might show up in a Raspberry Pi HAT. Today, Raspberry Pi and Lego Education announced an official LEGO Build HAT based on the RP2040 designed for any 40-pin Raspberry Pi. The $25 HAT is designed for STEAM education and hobbyist hacking for anyone who owns the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime or SPIKE Prime Expansion sets, or other LEGO devices such as the LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor kit. Read more

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