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Games: Lutris, Surviving Mars, WHAT THE GOLF?

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  • Lutris game manager gets a second Beta for version 0.5.9 with Epic Store support | GamingOnLinux

    Building upon a bunch of big new features in the first Lutris 0.9.2 Beta, a second Beta is out now with a focus on polishing up the experience that needs more testing.

    What is Lutris? It's a free and open source application to help you manage games from various sources. This includes GOG, Humble Store, Epic Games, Steam, Emulators, Compatibility Layers (Wine) and much more. It's a simple way of keeping all your games together in one place. One launcher to rule them all.

  • Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond DLC touches down with a free update | GamingOnLinux

    Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond is the brand new expansion with Paradox Interactive reviving the game under a new developer with Abstraction and there's a free update too.

  • WHAT THE GOLF? gets another big free update with plenty of not-Golf | GamingOnLinux

    WHAT THE GOLF? is still getting free upgrades and the latest A HOLE NEW WORLD Update is live with another bunch of levels to play not-Golf through.

  • Open-ended country life sim Harvest Days is now on Kickstarter | GamingOnLinux

    Mixing together a farming sim, a life sim and a business sim all in one - Harvest Days is coming from Family Devs, an indie game studio formed by a father and son duo. Yet another take on the casual gaming market joining the likes of Stardew Valley, Farm Together, Littlewood and many more. Linux support is fully planned too.

    "Take things easy in Harvest Days, and leave the chaos of the city behind. In this pastoral sandbox world, you can let go of your day-to-day worries and unwind. Tend to your crops, ride horses through the wilds, kick back with the friendly townsfolk and fish for your dinner down at the river. Take it easy and watch your farmstead slowly evolve, or proactively invest in tools, vehicles and upgrades to carve out your own little slice of paradise."

  • A final video for the Hearth & Home update coming to Valheim talks tweaks to weapons | GamingOnLinux

    Not long now until the big Hearth & Home update for Valheim arrives on September 16 and Iron Gate have given us a final quick-look at some more changes. This time, it's weapons.

  • Heroic Games Launcher for the Epic Store on Linux gets some essential fixes | GamingOnLinux

    For those of you wanting a simple way to get your games from the Epic Store running on Linux with the Wine compatibility layer, the Heroic Games Launcher continues to roll out upgrades. Totally unofficial though of course, since the Epic Store doesn't support Linux.

    HGL version 1.9.3 rolled out recently and it's considered an essential upgrade. It pulls in a big new version of Legendary, the command-line interface for interacting with Epic, which has some needed fixes due to changes to Epic's API. This includes fixes for logins not working.