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GNOME 41 Release Candidate Is Out with Last Minute Bug Fixes and Improvements

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GNOME 41 is the next major release of the acclaimed desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions, and it promises many new features, updated and new apps, as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes.

The Release Candidate (RC) milestone comes hot on the heels of the beta release announced at the end of August, and fixes a bug in the new Calls app that prevented SIP from working when using multiple network interfaces and adds last minute touches around SIP account management and its UI.

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GNOME 41 RC1 Download with fixes beta bugs

  • GNOME 41 RC1 Download with fixes beta bugs

    The beta version for GNOME 41 from August 25th is now followed by a release candidate GNOME 41 RC1 (Download). Release manager Javier Jardón announced this on the GNOME mailing list . The stable release of GNOME 41 is scheduled for September 22nd.

GNOME 41 Has Finally Arrived: A Look at What’s Changed

  • GNOME 41 Has Finally Arrived: A Look at What’s Changed

    GNOME 41 has been released with several new functionalities, including improvements in apps, design changes, and whatnot.

    Version 40 was a big release for the GNOME project, revamping the Activities Overview that has defined GNOME for a decade. GNOME 41 builds upon these changes to improve the free desktop for new and experienced users alike. Here are some of the big additions.

Fake news

GNOME 41 has NOT arrived. It will arrive on September 22nd.

Later they wonder...

Later they wonder why "big media" is dying. Can't get the very basics right...

Like Marius Nestor said, fake news is now "prevalent"

  • GNOME 41 Has Arrived

    The latest version of the GNOME desktop environment has been released with new functionality and plenty of improvements.

    GNOME has been evolving at a breakneck pace. And no recent release proved that more than 40, where the entire workflow was reconfigured and reworked. For those that have experienced the shift that was brought about by that major release, every update since has been nothing more than minor tweaks.

    And although GNOME 41 isn’t bringing into the picture a similar overhaul, it still adds some important improvements to the desktop.

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