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IBM/Red Hat/Fedora Leftovers

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Red Hat
  • Improve cross-team collaboration with Camel K

    No matter how much you know about Apache Camel, Camel K is designed to help and simplify how you connect systems in Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift, and it comes with cloud-native Kafka integration. This article helps you discover the power and simplicity of Camel K and opportunities for using it in ways you might not have previously considered.

  • The Open RAN ecosystem: How Red Hat and partners support NTT DOCOMO to deliver the Open RAN vision

    NTT DOCOMO has published a comprehensive, "5G Open RAN Ecosystem Whitepaper" describing the Open Radio Access Network (RAN) Ecosystem - OREC project in detail. Honore LaBourdette, Vice President, Telecom Media & Entertainment Industry at Red Hat and Sadayuki Abeta, Vice President & General Manager of the Radio Access Network Development Department at NTT DOCOMO, had a joint interview with Telecom TV that explains how the OREC project can accelerate Open RAN and can help 5G intelligent RAN deployment.

    NTT DOCOMO, with the help of other ecosystem members including Red Hat, helps package the best-of-breed 5G RAN system for deploying, operating, and managing OREC environment based on requests from operators considering 5G RAN to serve diverse companies and other operators needed.

  • Advanced automation and management of Network Bound Disk Encryption with RHEL System Roles

    In the previous post, Using RHEL System Roles to automate and manage Network Bound Disk Encryption, I covered utilizing the NBDE System Roles with a simple scenario where a single Tang server was used. In this post, we’ll look at a more complex scenario where we use the NBDE System Roles to implement multiple Tang servers to provide high availability and increased security, and we’ll also cover how to utilize the System Roles to both rotate Tang keys, and back up Tang keys.

  • Introducing Red Hat Weekly News

    We also do our best to communicate what we're doing and what's important. That includes showing you how to use our products and services, informing you about important updates and sharing industry analyses to help you understand the technologies that can solve business problems today.

    To that end, we've been working on Red Hat Weekly News. We'll highlight announcements, howtos, videos, resources, podcasts and other information that can help you stay current on all things Red Hat.

  • [Older] Everybody Struggles

    Everybody struggles in life every now and then. Struggling is a part of life. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say, it all depends on people’s perspectives. That determines your personal struggle. We’re all pretty lazy when it comes down to it. If you’re struggling, it’s because you need to do more than you’re doing currently. But doing more of the wrong type of activity will only suffer you more.

    This is the third week of my Outreachy internship, when I first contributed to my project I was very nervous and didn’t even have the confidence to make it and that fact of being a beginner was making me more nervous, and after making 5-6 contributions to Improve fedora QA dashboard, I tested then covid positive, I completely shattered and lost any hope of clearing Outreachy, but fortunately, those 5-6 contributions of mine made a significant difference and gave a good impression of my development skills set and finally my struggled paid off. The contribution round proved to be fruitful for me. I gained lots of confidence and learned how to google a bit

    Then during the internship, I had my first video call meeting with my mentors. It was a pleasurable experience to meet them, other than by email or chat. I completed my task successfully with proper guidance from my mentors, but it was quite excruciating when I moved to my second task. I had to make the whole page from scratch, initially, literally, I was afraid if I could do this or not, many doubts were roaming around my head.

  • Change management: 3 outdated ideas that could hold you back

    The pandemic taught us (and the organizations we lead) that we are agile – adaptable to change, innovative, and able to make things happen quickly. The demand for legacy systems to be replaced by digital ones reached the enterprise at a breakneck pace as COVID-19 uprooted the way we live and work.

    Beyond digital transformation, the last 18 months have likely uncovered other vulnerabilities in your business model. Perhaps you need to change the way you hire to keep up in the race for qualified talent. Or maybe your company needs a culture overhaul as you transition to a hybrid work model.

    Whatever your situation, the pace of change is not slowing, so it’s important to consider how you will lead your organization through it. Here are three outdated misconceptions about change management and how to address them:

  • Hybrid work: 8 challenges and benefits leaders will face | The Enterprisers Project

    For many organizations, hybrid work is the new reality. During the pandemic, many IT leaders learned under fire how to manage their teams remotely. Yet wrangling a workforce that’s now operating in two different environments - remote and office - comes with its own nuances.

    There are clear benefits of the hybrid solution, such as extending (perhaps, for good) the reach of an organization’s potential talent pool. But there are also quickly emerging challenges, particularly since this is new territory for many IT managers and employees. Now is a good time to consider the pros and cons as technology leaders determine the best long term direction and strategies for their IT teams.

  • Can I automate myself out of a job? | Enable Sysadmin

    Engineers, sysadmins, and DevOps roles' job responsibilities include answering dozens of emails, upgrading hundreds of servers, and patching all the systems in your data center or favorite cloud.

    All of these tasks take a considerable amount of time to complete—and they are sometimes boring but always important. A slight mistake can open up a potential threat to the security of the entire system. For example, failing to apply a security patch can make a system vulnerable. And let's be honest, people make mistakes. But what if you could automate these mundane tasks, save some time, and simplify your team's tasks?

  • IBM paid Pa. $33M to settle lawsuit over jobless benefits computer project -
  • Red Hat to back Linux Foundation-supported open source project tackling climate change | WRAL TechWire [Ed: Linux Foundation is fronting for some of the most polluting companies on the entire planet, but it has the audacity do greenwashing for them (associating "Linux" with lies)]

    Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, has joined OS-Climate (OS-C), a Linux Foundation-backed open source project that intends to build the breakthrough technology and data platforms needed to more fully integrate the impacts of climate change in global financial decision-making and risk management.
    As part of its membership, Red Hat will provide technical acumen and resources to help OS-C build a “Data Commons” that serves as an open data ingestion, processing and management platform for members to collaborate on standardizing and improving the accuracy of corporate climate and environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. The resulting curated library of public and private sources can then be used to help bankers, asset owners, asset managers and regulators assess climate risk and opportunity as elements of financial decision-making.

More in Tux Machines

LibreOffice 2021 Schedule Mobile App

The LibreOffice 2021 Schedule Mobile App is immediately available on Google Play and F-Droid. From the F-Droid page is also possible to download the APK, although by installing that way you will not receive update notifications. The mobile app, for Android smartphones and tablets, shows the conference schedule: by swiping right and left, the user can switch between the three rooms, while a drop down menu allows to chose one of the three days. By tapping on each of the talks, it is possible to star it to create a personal conference schedule, and to set an alarm to avoid losing the important presentations. Changes to the schedule will be immediately reflected on the mobile app, although it is always possible to force a refresh, and to show the latest changes. Read more

DXVK 1.9.2 Improves Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Need For Speed Heat, and Other Games

DXVK 1.9.2 is here almost two months after the DXVK 1.9.1 release and introduces more bug fixes to reduce overall CPU overhead in Direct3D 9 and address several issues, as well as to improve support for several Windows games that some of you might want to play on your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. Among these, there’s a fix for reflection rendering in Call of Cthulhu, a workaround for poor performance in the Crysis 3 and Homefront: The Revolution, improved gamma curve in GODS, a fix for incorrect rendering Fantasy Grounds, and a fix for blank screen in Paranormal Files. Read more

today's leftovers

  • Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To Discord

    A few days ago Eurogamer closed their forums, bringing to an end over 20 years of community discussion. The site explained the move like sites and companies always do (only a few are still using them), and it made sense the way it always does (that’s a lot of money for not much gain), but that doesn’t mean the process itself isn’t something that sucks.

  • Nokia has recommenced participation in the O-RAN Alliance

    The O-RAN Alliance said it became aware of concerns regarding some participants that may be subject to U.S. export regulations, and has been working with O-RAN participants to address these concerns. The O-RAN Board has approved changes to O-RAN participation documents and procedures. While it is up to each O-RAN participant to make their own evaluation of these changes, O-RAN is optimistic that the changes will address the concerns and facilitate O-RAN’s mission, the Alliance said.

  • Nokia and O-RAN: an unwavering commitment

    Nokia has long been a believer in – and champion of – open and interoperable technologies. We believe that Open RAN technology has the potential to enrich the mobile ecosystem with new solutions and business models, and an expanded multi-vendor ecosystem. This is what customers and consumers want – and it is something we are committed to seeing through.

  • Oil Has Multi-line Commands and String Literals

    In June's post Recent Progress on the Oil Language, I wrote that Oil has Python-like multi-line string literals, but enhanced like the Julia language.

    Here are examples from the Oil Language Tour.

Red Hat/Fedora Leftovers

  • 5 DevSecOps myths, explained

    New ways of doing things tend to beget new myths and misunderstandings about those emerging methods. A common example: As newer work processes and cultures get popularized, people commonly begin to tout a single correct way to implement them. In all likelihood, though, there’s more than one “right” way to do it – and that’s true for DevSecOps, as it was with DevOps before it. Demystifying DevSecOps, then, is actually a meaningful (if not wholly necessary in some organizations) step toward a successful implementation. That’s because DevSecOps, like DevOps, is as much a matter of people and culture as anything else. As Red Hat associate principal solutions architect Mike Calizo wrote over at, “DevSecOps encourages security practitioners to adapt and change their old existing security processes and procedures. This may sound easy, but changing processes, behavior, and culture is always difficult, especially in large environments.”

  • Red Hat's Upstream Contributions Are Making For A Great Fedora Workstation 35 - Phoronix

    Fedora Workstation 35 will hopefully be out at the end of October (currently the beta is running behind schedule) and when it does ship it's once again at the bleeding-edge of Linux features. Fedora Workstation 35 is shaping up to be another great release for those interested in a feature-rich desktop experience. Fedora Workstation 35 test builds have been working out great on the few systems I've tried so far in the lab. More Fedora Workstation 35 testing and benchmarks will be coming up in the weeks ahead. In anticipation of the upcoming Fedora 35 Beta, Red Hat's Christian Schaller once again published a new blog post outlining some of the big changes on the Fedora Workstation side for this six-month update.

  • Rajeesh K Nambiar: A new set of OpenType shaping rules for Malayalam script

    TLDR; research and development of a completely new OpenType layout rules for Malayalam traditional orthography. Writing OpenType shaping rules is hard. Writing OpenType shaping rules for advanced (complex) scripts is harder. Writing OpenType shaping rules without causing any undesired ligature formations is even harder.

  • The NeuroFedora Blog: Next Open NeuroFedora meeting: 13 September 1300 UTC
  • Next Open NeuroFedora meeting: 27 September 1300 UTC