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Respin of openSUSE Leap Images are Coming

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In response to feedback from openSUSE users, Leap is expecting to have regular rebuilds of the distribution on a quarterly or as needed basis soon.

These respins, which rebuild the ISO image, will receive openQA testing and have a rhythmic release now that the setup process is complete.

These respins allow users to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and updates immediately, which reduces the bandwidth for online updates after an installation of the General Availability (GA) release. Amended ISO images can update packages like GRUB and shim to improve these bootloader and firmware packages for users.

The updated ISO images, which contain a number extension in the filename like 15.3-X to distinguish from the GA release, will have a different checksum than the previously released images. The old ISO image found on will be removed and replaced with an up-to-date respin image.

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