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Linux 5.15-rc7

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So the normal Sunday release was spoiled by me spending more time in
airplanes without wifi, and I didn't feel like doing an evening
release while tired, so here we are, midday Monday, and with tc7 a day
later than usual.

But the delay isn't because of any kernel trouble. In fact, the worry
I had last week about a big rc6 turned out to be just a false alarm
due to timing of pulls, and rc7 looks nice and small, right in the
range of normal. Both the number of commits and the diffstat looks
fine. It's all pretty small and flat (meaning mostly small trivial
changes) with just a couple of  peaks for some x86 kvm code, and some
ksmbd changes.

Nothing particularly interesting or scary stands out, and it's a
fairly eclectic mix with networking, kvm, selftests, and some core mm
stuff. With all the usual random small fixes. The appended shortlog
isn't too long to scan to get a feel for the details, but I think the
take-way here is that it all looks pretty normal, and if nothing
special happens this week, this is likely the last rc before final

But please do give it a good testing to make sure we've shaken out any
issues. I have yet more travel coming up next week, so it would be
very convenient for me to delay the merge window if I get the excuse
to do so, but right now that looks unlikely.


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Also: Linux 5.15-rc7 Released A Day Late Due To Travels

Kernel prepatch 5.15-rc7

  • Kernel prepatch 5.15-rc7

    The 5.15-rc7 kernel prepatch is out, rather later than would have normally been expected due to Linus's travel schedule.

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