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Vulkan update: version 1.1 conformance for Raspberry Pi 4

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  • Vulkan update: version 1.1 conformance for Raspberry Pi 4

    It has been almost a year since we announced conformance for Vulkan 1.0 on Raspberry Pi 4 devices. Since then, we have been working on improving driver performance, expanding the feature set, and advancing towards Vulkan 1.1 support.

    Today we are excited to announce that Khronos has just granted Vulkan 1.1 conformance to Raspberry Pi 4.

    All the required driver changes for Vulkan 1.1 have already been merged in the upstream v3dv Mesa driver and will hopefully be available soon in Raspberry Pi OS.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Granted Official Vulkan 1.1 Conformance - Phoronix

    Last week I mentioned how Mesa landed Vulkan 1.1 support for the V3DV driver most notably used by the Raspberry Pi 4 and newer. With those changes in Mesa Git, The Khronos Group has now officially granted this driver Vulkan 1.1 conformance for the Raspberry Pi 4.

    It's now official with The Khronos Group signing off on the Vulkan 1.1 conformance test results for the V3DV driver running on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B single board computer.

  • Vulkan 1.1 conformance achieved for the Raspberry Pi 4 | GamingOnLinux

    Good news for fans of the tiny Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, as it has been announced that the v3dv Mesa driver has hit Vulkan 1.1 conformance officially now.

    Shared on the Raspberry Pi website, with a post from Igalia’s Iago Toral they mention that it's been almost a year since the driver officially hit Vulkan 1.0 so it's great to see it continue to advance. In the post they noted that all the required changes are already merged in the upstream Mesa project. This means it will be available officially with the next major Mesa release later this year (Mesa 21.3).

Raspberry Pi 4 achieves Vulkan 1.1 conformance

  • Raspberry Pi 4 achieves Vulkan 1.1 conformance, gets up to 60% GPU performance boost

    Khronos has just granted Vulkan 1.1 conformance to Raspberry Pi 4 SBC, and following the implementation of various optimizations and new features such as geometry shaders, the v3dv Mesa driver delivers up to 60% higher GPU performance in Unreal Engine 4.

    Iglia started Vulkan driver work for Raspberry Pi 4 almost two years ago, with the triangle demo showcased in February 2020, followed by Vulkan 1.0 conformance in November 2020, and now the driver is certified conformant to Vulkan 1.1. While many GPUs are conformant, the Raspberry Pi 4 is only joined by a couple of complete platforms including several NVIDIA Jetson modules (Vulkan 1.2), and possibly some Intel and Google platforms shown as “Confidential” at this time.

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