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Future proof: Fairphone has gone 5G

It is not new news that we strive to make the most of the materials used in our products. We’re moving closer to a circular economy by using materials from more responsible sources, emphasizing reuse and recycling, and designing our phones to last as long as possible. We do this for a simple reason: the longer you use your phone, the smaller your environmental footprint. But we want to take this one step further and future proof your phone. The only way to do this is to provide you with a 5G device – a tech spec of the future – for Fairphone 4.

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Fair Tungsten: From conflict-free to building community

  • Fair Tungsten: From conflict-free to building community

    In the north of Rwanda, near the city of Kidao, one of the country’s oldest tungsten mines is proving us right.

    Fairphone started out as a campaign to prove the phone industry could stop using materials that finance conflict and human rights abuses. That we could support conflict-free materials sourcing. Today, we’re excited to be focussing on going “beyond conflict-free.” We don’t want to simply certify that we’re not putting money in the pockets of thugs, but to really ask whether a mine is improving the lives of its miners, reducing its environmental impact, and strengthening its community. We believe that raw material suppliers and purchasers, and every actor in the entire supply chain for modern phones, can wield their purchasing power to improve the health, safety, and working conditions for millions of miners and their families around the world.

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