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New Releases and Updates of Makulu Linux

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  • Makulu Shift Ubuntu Variant Released

    We have just released the much awaited Beta build of Shift ( the Ubuntu Variant ), It is marked as a stable Build that can be used as a daily Runner.

  • First Shift Patch sent out

    We have just sent out the First big Patch for the new Makulu shift ( Ubuntu Variant released earlier today ). This patch now completes the Desktop Manager and makes some significant changes. Please keep in Mind that Shift Ubuntu is a build we are now constantly working on and updating, therefore you will notice a lot of changes over a short period of time, so expect many updates. ISO’s will also regularly get updated on the Website. You can see the Full video of what’s new in the latest patch here :

Makulu Shift Debian Patches Live

  • Makulu Shift Debian Patches Live – MakuluLinux

    If you are running the Shift Debian build we released a few months back you will notice after updating your whole system seems broken ? panels and menus etc etc just missing… This is because Debian Testing without warning just updated to gnome 41 framework and in the same week as we were putting out the Shift ubuntu Beta. However, don’t worry, we just sent out a patch that will fix your system. simply right click on desktop, open terminal and do : “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y” ( basically update your system ), then reboot and all will be well again

Makulu Droid New ISO Available.

  • Makulu Droid New ISO Available. – MakuluLinux

    We have Updated the MakuluLinux Droid ( android ) ISO, the new ISO contains all the new patches and fixes that have been developed over the last 2 months. If you already have Makulu Droid installed you already have the patches and therefore do not need to reinstall, However new users will now have these patches and new features upon new installation. You can grab the Makulu Droid from the Main menu above or in the download section.

LinDoz Dev-Logs

  • LinDoz Dev-Logs – MakuluLinux

    The Dev Logs are Back, Currently the the upcoming LinDoz Development build has hit Stable status, and as such We have re added the Dev Log section so users can track its progress. You can access the LinDoz Dev Log Section by Clicking Here or access it from the website main menu. We update the logs whenever there is some progress to report.

New LinDoz Dev Build 05/11-2021

  • New LinDoz Dev Build 05/11-2021

    We have just sent out a new Stable Development build of MakuluLinux LinDoz to testers, this ISO has also been shared with our Patreon Members. There have been significant updates to this new build, which has been marked as a stable build. You can read the Dev logs by Clicking here, We are one step closer to release. Additionally, should you wish to get access to early builds, you can always sign up to become a patreon member to help support the project, to sign up Click here to our Patreon page, and follow the sign up links.

Makulu Shift Beta Patch

  • Makulu Shift Beta Patch

    We have just sent out a patch for the Shift Beta users ( the current Shift in our Download section ) that addresses some minor issues reported.

Makulu Shift Release Date News and Preview

Easier To Respin Makulu Shift

Relax with some Makulu Vibes

MakuluLinux Shift Next Gen is Live !

  • MakuluLinux Shift Next Gen is Live !

    We have just made the next Gen of MakuluLinux Shift Live, Please make sure to Read the updated release notes and grab your copy below, or from the Shift section above.

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