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Linux VS Windows: Fair, Balanced, and Comprehensive

Are you curious about Linux? Or perhaps just plain tired of Windows? I have composed a comprehensive list of the differences found between Microsoft Windows and Linux. While I've taken a humorous bent on several of the entries, each comparison is essentially true, particularly the bit about the Developers' cats. Tell me what you think!

Areas in which Linux beats Windows, hands down:

* Linux is free to use.
* Windows costs, depending on what version you want, how you get it, and the particular conjunction of the planets, slightly less than your house payment.

* Linux is free to edit, and anyone who'd like to can view at the source code.
* Should you attempt to edit Windows, please expect Bill Gates to arrive at your door in roughly 20 minutes. In fact, should you even get your hands on any Microsoft's source code, expect him to come armed with a shotgun and body armor. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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