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Quickly Rearrange the GNOME App Launcher into Alphabetical Order

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The GNOME extension featured in this post won’t revolutionise your life but it may make finding your favourite apps a bit faster in GNOME 40 and above.

It’s called ‘Alphabetical App Grid’ and —prepare those faux shocked faces, folks— it rearranges app shortcuts in the applications grid into alphabetical order.

— Hey, I did say it wasn’t revolutionary!

See, GNOME devs made a few changes to the app grid starting with GNOME 40 (used in Ubuntu 21.10 and above) that affect the order of app shortcuts in the full-screen launcher. It’s not much easy for us to rearrange the order of apps, which can lead to things get jumbled intentionally (by re-ordering) or accidentally (newly installed apps add their shortcut to the end of the grid).

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