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  • Libre Arts - Weekly-ish recap — 26 January 2021

    Highlights: new releases of Scribus, Flameshot, Surge, ZynAddSubFX, Zrythm, Giada; Audacity resurrects real-time effects, Ardour gets cue markers.

  • Gunnar Wolf• Progvis — Now in Debian proper! (unstable)

    Progvis finally made it into Debian! What is it, you ask? It is a great tool to teach about memory management and concurrency.

  • [Older] Device neutrality coming to Europe? | Stop at Zona-M

    The EU Parliament, says FSFE, missed the chance to introduce strong requirements for interoperability based on Open Standards: “This is a lost chance to leverage competition with accessible and non-discriminatory technical specifications [that would allow] market actors to innovate on top of technical specification standards and build their own services”.

    However, things look better than they did before for digital and consumer rights in EU, and let’s hope, as FSFE puts it, that getting Device Neutrality in european legislations does become the first step towards real digital interoperability of digital products and services. I mean, we have already endured too much idiocy likke this around non-interoperable electronic components like, haven’t we?

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