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GStreamer 1.19.90 pre-release (1.20 rc1)

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The GStreamer team is excited to announce the first release candidate for the upcoming stable 1.20 release series.

This 1.19.90 pre-release is for testing and development purposes in the lead-up to the stable 1.20 series which is now feature frozen and scheduled for release very soon. Any newly-added API can still change until that point, although it is extremely unlikely for that to happen at this point.

Depending on how things go there might be more release candidates in the next couple of days, but in any case we're aiming to get 1.20.0 out as soon as possible.

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GStreamer 1.20 RC1 Released

  • GStreamer 1.20 RC1 Released With Many Exciting Improvements - Phoronix

    The first release candidate of GStreamer 1.20 is now available for testing of this widely-used, open-source multimedia framework.

    GStreamer 1.20 is going to be a large feature release while to ensure it's stable and in good standing, the first release candidate is out today. Among the changes worked on for GStreamer 1.20 include:

    - GstPlay as a new high-level playback library to replace GstPlayer.

    - WebM alpha decoding support.

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