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Open Source: Ready for Its Closeup

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The term "open source" has long been associated with software development, but when the philosophy is applied to filmmaking, it takes on a whole new meaning. As movie production tools become more readily available and groups of creative minds put their heads together on scripts, Hollywood might want to take notice. It seems the open source method of filmmaking is ready for its closeup.

Since the advent of the movie industry, the process has remained largely unchanged. A writer creates a script, finds someone willing to invest money in producing it, and a director is brought in to oversee the film's production.

While that process is still typical of most movie-making ventures, more and more independent filmmakers are turning toward open source tools and methods to produce their projects.

Read More @ linuxinsider.

98% Linux?

They seem to argue that ~98% of the desktops and laptops run Linux over there...

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