Firefox isn't quite that popular, but …

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Although I do not follow Web browser market share numbers with the rapt attention of, say, the American League East standings (Sox up 7), I was still fairly certain that this blog headline was a crock: "Firefox has almost caught IE in browser share, now 33% of market!"

It's a crock on both points, all right. Although that didn't stop the blog item from being rocketed to the front page of Reddit, presumably by some combination of Firefox fanatics, Microsoft haters and others who failed to read any of the Reddit comments pointing to more accurate market statistics. (Cooler heads soon demoted it.)

Crock or no crock, the item did remind me of a Buzzblog post from about a year ago that posed the question: "When does Firefox really threaten IE?"
At that point, April 2006, Firefox was the browser of choice for about 10% of Internet users.

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