Mac, PC or Linux? Your next operating system

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Choosing the perfect PC platform has never been easier. There have been significant advances in the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac and Linux operating systems, so let PC Advisor show you how to enjoy the benefits of all three

Once, you were either a Windows user, a Mac devotee or a Unix geek. Whatever your poison, you had one OS (operating system) and little or no intention of changing allegiance to another.

Those days are over, however, thanks to the ubiquity of the Intel processor and the hard work of legions of software developers. Now, Apple's systems can run Windows XP and Vista as well as the Mac OS. Meanwhile, Vista is available on new PCs, but you can boot the same system with a Ubuntu Linux disc you downloaded and burned for free. And if you like Ubuntu, you can install it alongside Windows in just a few clicks.

Over the next five pages we outline the key benefits of each OS to take the hassle out of deciding whether XP, Vista, Mac OS or Linux is most suitable for you. And the prescient facts are presented here, in this feature comparison table:

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Re: Hardware has to come with an OS that works ?

Is that your lame-ass subtle way to defend Windows Vista's compatibility issues?

Let's face facts.

MS did fine from a compatibility view with WinXP, the apps and hardware worked reasonably well on it. Then they go changing the driver and security model completely for Vista. Now EVERYONE (software and hardware developers) are having compatibility issues with it.

Vista requires that you certify your driver and software with MICROSOFT. Its part of their new Windows driver and software quality process. Large companies like ATI/AMD and Nvidia are struggling with it, while less known "generic" companies are not even bothering with Vista itself.

Don't go poking at Linux. At least Linux didn't delibrately change for the sake of changing such that everyone suffers as a result.

PC Advisor: Mac, PC or Linux?

This month’s edition of PC Advisor (shown above right) caught my attention so I grabbed a copy, paid and left.

It’s always good to see Linux on the front cover of another magazine, particularly a magazine which focusses primarily on Windows users and is thus more likely to be read by people from this background. Remember the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”?

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