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Slackware 15 - The old brigade

Like I said earlier, this is a short review, more of a cautious sampling of what Slackware can do. I am thinking of perhaps trying it on a "real" laptop, complete with Nvidia graphics and whatnot, to see how it's going to cope with an existing, somewhat complex partition layout and proprietary drivers. After all, if you can't use your hardware, and installing software is a pain, then the rest doesn't matter.

I do like the spartan approach, but it's also not feasible for most people out there. Even if you can get through the installation, the day-to-day usage needs to be simple and elegant. I don't know how accessible Slackware is when it comes to more complex things. I am mulling that endeavor still, and it could be an interesting little exercise. Anyway, so far so good. Not bad, but definitely nerdy and true to its original mission.

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