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  • Haiku Activity & Contract Report: March 2022

    Just like the last few months, the usual Activity Report is hereby combined with my Contract Report.

    This report covers hrev55917 to hrev55991.

  • FALCON-512 in PowerDNS

    We are proud to introduce the first guest post on our blog! A team of researchers (listed below) has chosen PowerDNS as the basis for an implementation of post-quantum DNSSEC signing with the FALCON-512 algorithm. Below, you will find their experiences, including links to runnable code.

  • My favorite social network

    It’s federated with ActivityPub protocol, has no likes, no faves, no polls, no stars, no claps, no counts. There’s no attention mining in it and it just works to connect people’s postings and thoughts and create a community.

  • Python and R have matrix and simple loops. What can you use in T-SQL?

    One of these data types is a matrix. Commonly used in a programming language, yet fairly unknown in T-SQL. You can say, that matrix is a list of lists or an array of arrays. Or simply a table

  • Omnibond Joins iRODS Consortium

    Wilson noted that the open-source model makes iRODS a particularly good fit for Omnibond’s portfolio, which is focused around building synergies between research and open-source technologies. “We currently are the maintainers of OrangeFS, an open-source parallel file system that has been incorporated into the Linux kernel by the Linux kernel team, so we understand the value of open-source software and are excited to partner with the iRODS Consortium,” said Wilson.