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  • Golang v1.18 New Features and Released

    Since its first release in 2009, the Go programming language has progressed significantly. Because of its support for generics and other significant enhancements, Go 1.18 was an eagerly anticipated version.

    In March 2022, Go published version 1.18. Here’s an overview of the most noteworthy changes.

  • Reproducible Development with Containers

    Avdi Grimm describes the future of development, which is already here. Get a tour of a devcontainer, and contrast it with a deployment container.

  • Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework | InfoWorld

    The Spring framework has long dominated back-end Java development, but several new frameworks challenge that status quo. Micronaut is among the most compelling. Developed by the team that built Grails, Micronaut is made for modern architectures.

  • Rackspace considers selling part of business: 'Everything' on the table [Ed: Pentagon-connected companies that steal money from the taxpayers (de facto bailouts) are harming everybody else]

    Rackspace Technology is considering selling off at least part of its business following a strategic review, with CEO Kevin Jones admitting that "everything is on the table."

    The company disclosed it has already received interest from a potential buyer.

    The move was announced during a conference call covering Rackspace's Q1 2022 earnings, where Jones claimed that Rackspace is well positioned as a pure play multi-cloud services company.

  • Geometric Mean using Pandas in Python

    Working with the Python programming language simplifies and simplifies everything. Python was created to make the life of a developer simpler, which is why even rookie and beginning python developers fall in love with programming and development. It is a great programming language for data analysis. Furthermore, the Python programming language has libraries for mathematical and statistical computing.

    Geometric means are a Python pandas function that computes the geometric mean of a given collection of integers, list, or DataFrame. This post will show you how to get the geometric mean in Python using pandas.

  • Colorama in Python

    Python has a plethora of built-in modules and packages for printing colorful text in the terminal. Colorama is one of the Python modules that may be used to display text in multiple colors. It is used to improve the readability of the code. This module provides three formatting choices for coloring text. Back, Fore, and Style are the three options. This module allows you to modify the background or foreground color of the text as well as its style. This tutorial explains how to utilize this module in a variety of ways.

  • SAS announces support for Python • The Register

    Analytics industry veteran SAS has announced support for Python in its proprietary analytics studio.

    Founded in 1976, SAS developed its own language which derived from a North Carolina State University project and is deployed across its range of analytics and machine learning environments.

    Bryan Harris, CTO and executive vice president at SAS, told us he wanted to offer users an alternative.

  • Programming languages: Python is slow, but it's about to get faster

    Python 3.11 will bear the fruits of CPython's multi-year effort to make Python a faster programming language.