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  • 'V Rising' comes to Linux and Steam Deck as it sells a million copies

    V Rising is now playable on Linux and Steam Deck consoles, while developer Stunlock Studios has announced the vampire survival game has sold 1million copies.


    As explained by GamingOnLinux, to jump into the game on Linux or Steam Deck, players should navigate to Proton Experimental in their Steam library, go into the ‘Betas’ tab in Properties, and opt into the “bleeding-edge” beta.

    From there, go to V Rising‘s Properties, select Compatibility, and choose Proton Experimental. This will allow players to jump into V Rising on their platform of choice.

  • Google Summer of Code, 2022 edition! | Krita

    This year’s Google Summer of Code is different from previous editions: there are both larger and smaller projects possible, and it’s no longer limited to students. We have two participants this year: Reinold Rojas and Xu Che.

  • Crane Venture Partners supports open source developers with an itch to scratch

    Starting any business isn't easy. Starting an open-source business adds another level of complexity to the task. Even in a world that runs on open source, some banks and investors still have trouble wrapping their minds around the idea that open source and a viable business can go hand-in-hand. And then there's Crane Venture Partners (CVP), a venture capitalist (VC) that are all about open-source-based businesses.

  • ProtonMail is Now Just ‘Proton’ Offering a Privacy Ecosystem

    ProtonMail announced a re-brand with a new website, new name, updated pricing plans, a refreshed UI, and more changes.

  • Google Chrome 102: Critical Security Update For All Windows, Mac & Linux Users [Ed: Microsoft propagandist Davey Winder talking about a browser while CISA discloses that half of the latest actively-exploited holes are Microsoft's]
  • SODA Foundation Prioritizes Backup and Restore for Containers, Introduces Object Data Management Across Cloud Providers

    The SODA Foundation, which hosts the SODA Open Data Framework (ODF) for data mobility from edge to core to cloud, today announced two new open source projects: Kahu and Como. Kahu streamlines data protection for Kubernetes and its application data, and Como is a virtual data lake project to enable seamless access to data stored in different clouds. The SODA Foundation also welcomes SoftBank Group as an end-user supporter and key collaboration partner on the Como project.

More in Tux Machines

MNT Pocket Reform 7-inch modular mini laptop takes a range of Arm (and FPGA) modules

MNT Pocket Reform is an open-source hardware mini laptop with a 7-inch Full HD display, an ortholinear mechanical keyboard, and trackball, that follows the path of its older and bigger sibling: the MNT Reform 2 laptop initially launched with an NXP i.MX 8M quad-core Arm Cortex-A53 module. The new laptop will not only support a similar “NXP i.MX 8M Plus” module but also a range of other Arm modules namely an NXP Layerscape LS1028A module with up to 16GB RAM, the Raspberry Pi CM4 module via an adapter, Pine64 SOQuartz (RK3566, up to 8GB RAM), as well as based on AMD Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA for industrial use. Read more Also: STEPFPGA supports Verilog on cloud-based IDE and Lattice’s Diamond IDE

Android Leftovers

IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 169 is available for testing

The next Core Update - one of the biggest in size we have ever put together - is available for testing. It introduces the support of two-factor authentication (2FA) for OpenVPN clients, updates several core parts of the system, provides mitigations for another two types of CPU side-channel attacks, as well as package updates, bug fixes and other security improvements. For OpenVPN clients, the setup of two-factor authentication based on time-based one-time password (TOTP) is now supported. It can either be enforced on a per-client basis, preserving the flexibility of mixing end-user devices with machine clients, where no manual interaction is feasible during OpenVPN connection establishment. Read more

9 Top Free and Open Source Elixir Web Frameworks

One of the types of software that’s important for a web developer is the web framework. A framework “is a code library that makes a developer’s life easier when building reliable, scalable, and maintainable web applications” by providing reusable code or extensions for common operations. By saving development time, developers can concentrate on application logic rather than mundane elements. A web framework offers the developer a choice about how to solve a specific problem. By using a framework, a developer lets the framework control portions of their application. While it’s perfectly possible to code a web application without using a framework, it’s more practical to use one. Read more