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With more and more stuff moving over to running on the web these days, and with emerging ‘web desktops’, it’s about time we strayed from our normal desktop Linux territory and took a look online.

eyeOS is a project that bills itself as an open source web operating system. It includes a desktop and several applications that run inside your browser window and allows you to do various things from one central desktop within your browser.

It’s a downloadable web application written in PHP, so it will run anywhere where you have a web server where PHP is installed and configured properly.

In this FOSSwire post, I’m going to install it on my Ubuntu LAMP installation (which you can get up and running yourself with my recent tutorial). I’ll give a really brief installation overview below for those of you using the Ubuntu LAMP setup, then I’ll get on with the review. Just for future reference, we’re dealing with version 1.0 here.

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Nice Review

With browser that integrate more tightly with the O/S, it'll be interesting to see how/where things coverge in years to come.

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