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Wizpy music player disappoints

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Turbolinux's Linux-based wizpy music player is a beautiful device. It's slick, black, and slightly smaller than the smallest cell phones. Unfortunately, its value and functionality doesn't live up to its good looks.

Wizpy is available only in a 4GB model in the US. Its internal hard memory is divided into two partitions. An 8MB Turbolinux partition lets you boot your computer into Turbolinux from the device. The remaining space supports its music player functions; of that, only about 2.4GB is free for music files.

Wizpy charges its lithium polymer battery using power from a USB cable. The USB port at the bottom of the device is covered by a tiny cover with a plastic hinge that I suspect won't last as long as the rest of the player. If you leave the player on pause for a configurable length of time that defaults to three minutes, wizpy will turn off to conserve power. From the time you press the power button until you see a menu is about 13 seconds -- an eternity compared to some other MP3 players.

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