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openSUSE 10.3 Beta 1 Live CDs

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Stephan Kulow has created and uploaded Live CDs of the 1-CD installations for your pleasure: GNOME Live ISO, KDE Live ISO. He writes: “Please put ‘live CD’ into the summary of bug reports, so we don’t confuse them with the installation CDs. The Live CDs are still very early in development, but we would like to hear your feedback in general.“

Download links

And the default password is...

..."linux" for both root and normal user (also named "linux").

(Upon cursory inspection: The KDE version includes some games from KDE 4, although "kpat" doesn't run. Almost everything else is from KDE 3.5.7. It includes a few new - to me - things, like "Jarnal," a Java notetaking app, which didn't run; the "KDE Groupware Wizard;" and the "KDE Network Folder Wizard." A cosmetic bug:'s splash screen is black. Fortunately, it includes the blue wallpaper from versions 10.1 and 10.2, so you don't have to stay with the "green dust mite" default.)

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