Gentoo Tutorial part 2: Adding goodies to the system.

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This is the second part of the Gentoo Tutorials. In the first section “Minimal Gentoo Installation” we have built a fresh Gentoo system using the minimal install disk and downloading the stages/ports and building the kernel. This left us with a bare Gentoo OS. In this second Gentoo Tutorial we are going to customize and add different software to the system.

To summarize the tasks:

Do post-install configuration.
Install VIM editor. The default nano/pico editor is good … but not good enough for me.
Install slocate utility.
Install Screenie screen manager.
Post-Install Configurations

Although our Gentoo installation is fully working, there are several things we should do to make it even better. First, lets setup our hostname, so that our system knows its name. To setup a hostname do the following:

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