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The Great Showdown: MS Office vs. OpenOffice

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Microsoft has the best products money can buy -- at least, that's what they would have you believe.

However, remove money from the equation so MS buyers can't brag on the size of investment, and OpenOffice fans can't gloat about a freebie, who would win in an OpenOffice vs MS Office 2007 face-off?

"Ah, a great religious question!" exclaimed Paul C. Williams, senior software engineer at LexisNexis Examen. "Honestly, either is equivalent for most any purpose."

We shall see, grasshoppers, we shall see.

In This Corner

In one corner, we have the OpenOffice productivity suite. In the other corner, we have MS Office 2007 productivity suite.

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Also: Thank you Michael, but no, thank you...

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