Goodbye Gentoo

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So... I think this has been coming ever since I retired as a Gentoo Developer. I've become more and more happy about that decision (mostly because I feel more and more at odds with Gentoo and the developer community surrounding it) so I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and removed Gentoo from my laptop.

All my other boxes will follow slowly as I have time to reinstall them.

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Gentoo: Great fun but no server platform

Gentoo can be a lot of fun as a desktop but can also be highly frustrating to work with as a server platform, especially in a production environment.

Gentoo has an awesome package management system in the form of portage and is especially easy to customise applications to suite you requirements through the use of USE flags but all this power and control does a full 360 and bites you in the ass when you try to use Gentoo as a server platform in a production environment. My reasons for not using Gentoo in production:

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